Selling a Home: Stresses and How to Cope

How to Reduce Stress When Selling a HomeSelling a home is one of the most stressful things that a homeowner can experience. Knowing the causes of stress during the process and working with a professional can help reduce that stress. Below are some common sources of anxiety for most homeowners during the home selling process. Here's what you need to know.

Stressor #1: You Can't Be Sure When the House Will Sell

Homeowners don't get to pick when their house will sell. They can't control what buyers will do, who will make an offer, and how much that offer will be. For a homeowner who needs to sell their home quickly in order to move and start a new job in their new city, this can be stressful.

How to cope: The best way to ensure that a house will sell quickly is to work with a real estate professional. A good real estate professional can help a home sell quickly by listing the house for the right price, providing staging guidance to the homeowner, and by marketing the house to audiences who will be interested.

Stressor #2: The Home Inspection Could Turn Up Problems With the House

Once an offer is made and accepted, most home buyers call in a home inspector to uncover potential problems with the property. Home sellers often worry about this part, because maintenance problems with the house can lead to disruptions in the home selling process. If the home has serious damage, a home buyer may try to renegotiate the contract, or even walk away from the deal.

How to cope: Make repairs to deferred maintenance before listing the house, or get a home inspection before listing the home for sale. A home seller who gets their own home inspection may be required to share the results of that inspection with potential buyers, but it's still helpful to get the inspection and make repairs before listing the house.

Stressor #3: You Want the House to Sell for As Much Money As Possible

Most home buyers have a goal to sell their house for as much money as possible. Some rely on this money to buy their next house.

How to cope: Work with a real estate agent with experience selling homes in the area to price your home correctly. A good real estate professional who has good negotiating skills can make the home selling experience a great success.

Want to Know More? Get Started with Your Home Selling Experience Today

To find out more about how to sell your home, contact an experienced real estate professional in your area. Your real estate agent can help you market your home and negotiate a good price for your property.

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