How To Move With a Pet

4 Things to Remember When Moving With a PetMost households have a pet of some sort, whether it’s a dog, cat, bird, or fish. Moving to a new Minneapolis home doesn’t mean having to part ways with a beloved pet. In order to make the transition from one home to another as smooth as possible, the pet owner will need to take a number of different actions. Here’s what pet owners need to do in order to make sure their family’s best friend has a safe and comfortable move.

Go to the Vet

In the weeks leading up to the big move, the pet owner should take their pet to the vet. A vet visit is a good place to make sure the pet is healthy enough for moving—especially if the pet is old or has any special conditions that may put stress on its body. This is also a good time to get refills on any prescription medications the pet may need. The pet owner should also make sure to get copies of the pet’s vaccination history and make sure all of their shots are up to date, especially if moving to a different city or state.

Transport the Pet Via Car If Possible

There are many choices for transporting pets when it comes to long distance moves. Ideally, the pet owner should transport their pet in a car if the option is available. Even if it may seem like a hassle, it’s essential for the pet’s safety during long distance moves. Airplanes may seem more convenient, but they can be dangerous, especially for breeds with short snouts that may struggle with breathing problems. If the pet owner can’t personally drive their pet to the new home, there are services that will do it for them. Pet bussing services may be the best option for moving a pet comfortably, but be sure to do thorough research to make sure the company is reputable first.

Have Enough Pet Supplies For the Move

For pet owners who are transporting their pet on their own, it’s important to remember all the necessities. The pet will need enough food and water for the trip. They should also have a space in the car where they can lay down comfortably. Having a toy or two can also be a good idea. Our Fit Pets explains, “Animals need enrichment to be happy, and while a dog may not be able to play fetch in a car, having a chew toy or a favorite plush toy can be helpful. Having familiar items nearby can also help reduce any stress the pet may be feeling".

Let the Pet Adjust Slowly

Moving to a new home can be a big change for people, and it’s just the same for pets. A pet can easily get overwhelmed if left to run free in a brand-new space. When bringing a pet to a new home, try to keep them in just one room until they settle in. A bathroom or a bedroom can be a good idea for where to do this. Give the pet some of its things like a bed, blanket, toys, or food bowl. This will help make them more comfortable. Once the pet has adjusted to the one room, let them explore the home slowly, one room at a time until they’ve explored the whole home.

Moving is an exciting time, but having pets can make it tricky. Following this advice can help make the transition as smooth as it can be. For more advice, be sure to consult the pet’s veterinarian or a trusted pet specialist.

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