How to Schedule Long-Term Home Maintenance

How to Best Maintain a HomeThe purchase of a home is a commitment from its owners to care for it throughout the course of their tenure. But even though this may seem obvious, home maintenance and basic chores have a tendency to fall by the wayside when life gets too busy. Before owners let home maintenance fall to the bottom of the to-do list though, they may want to consider just how valuable it can be to invest themselves in what is likely to be their biggest investment. Taking care of minor flaws immediately means saving money, time, and hassle in the long run.

Monthly Inspections

One of the most important parts of maintenance is the art of noticing changes in the home. Some people are naturally observant, but others may need to work at it. Examining the home every month can go a long way to discovering trouble early on. For those who may not have the best eye, consider taking photos of the structure and then comparing the current walk-through conditions with last month's pictures. This kind of documentation can also be a huge help if a homeowner has to hire a professional handyman or repairman.

Monthly Tasks

In addition to touring the home, there are a few basic tasks that homeowners should do every month.

  • Cords: Electrical cords will start to fray after a while on their own, but if homeowners see wear and tear on a relatively new cord, it may be an early sign of a rodent infestation.
  • Filters: The more the filters are checked and changed in the home, the lower the overall utility costs will be.
  • Cleaning: Check the sinks and tub for potential blockages and wipe shower heads to remove clogging deposits.
  • Safety: Test smoke alarms, check circuits, and ensure proper airflow by vacuuming and checking all vents in the home.

Doing these tasks every month may seem excessive, but the idea is to set good habits as soon as possible. After just a few months, these maintenance tasks will be fast and easy. Homeowners will take more pride in their surroundings and feel more confident in their abilities to prevent costly repairs.


Experts recommend autumn as the prime time for major home improvement. Summer is often too hot to stick to a time schedule, and spring and winter are often too wet to facilitate major plans either. Winter is often the harshest on a property with its intense temperatures and storms, so use this season to prepare. Clean and aerate the lawn as well as one fall lawn care task to be completed by mid-October that includes a final round of fertilizer. Don't forget to caulk the windows, check for exposed flashing and inspect the roof to ensure they're ready for the extra pressure. Homeowners should also consider having their heating system professionally inspected or serviced. 


This season is all about keeping the home protected from system failure. The last thing a homeowner needs is to go without power or heat, so they need to be as vigilant as possible in the event of a storm or severe weather event. Continue inspecting the roof and basement for any kind of leaks or damage. Keep drains, fan grills, and vents as clean as possible, and insulate the pipes if they're in danger of freezing over.


The term Spring Cleaning refers to so much more than just packing up the winter clothes and blankets for the next six months. Airing out each room is a way for homeowners to assess the must that's built up over the winter. This season is also a good time to check the roof, clean the screens and windows, and dust the fixtures. Homeowners may want to consider having a professional inspect the general plumbing (including the septic tank if necessary). Replace the batteries in smoke detectors, remove debris from the gutters, and replace the air conditioning filter.


Summer is a time for infestations, so keep an eye on the clutter buildup in both the home and the yard. Bugs and rodents love clutter, and they can grow their numbers quickly if homeowners aren't careful. Clean and care for any additional structures on the property, such as a garage, deck, or tool shed. Replacing the boards of a deck or power washing the windows on a garage not only helps homeowners maintain (or even increase) their resale value, but it's also a good way to stave off destructive forces such as rust or mold.

Ham Lake home maintenance is clearly going to take some real time on the part of the homeowner, but ultimately, they'll be grateful they kept up with the enormity of their responsibilities. Hiring professional help for difficult projects can be a great way to secure the work and make the property as safe as possible for residents and guests.

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