Ice Safety for Minnesota Kids

 Ice Safety for Minnesota Kids

I recently read a State of Minnesota report on migration into the state. It’s slowed down considerably over the past few years but, according to the study, “More than 100,000 people come to Minnesota from other states each year.” Most of the new arrivals are from our border states but many are from more distant states and other countries.

Along with that report I found one on ice safety in Minnesota and the statistics, pun not intended, are chilling.  Minnesota sees, on average, almost four fatalities every winter as a result of folks misjudging ice thickness. Since we have so many newcomers to the state I thought today might be a good one to look at ice safety in Minnesota. If this is your first winter in Minnesota, you, especially, should read on.

Early ice is dangerously deceptive

The small, neighborhood ponds are the ones to be careful of. They may go from open one day to covered in (thin) ice the next, which is attractive to kids. The DNR says that many of the drownings in winter involve children and that you should always accompany yours onto the ice and remain nearby. Teach them to stay off the ice unless you’re around, regardless of how small the pond is.

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