Is this High School or the Real Estate Industry?

Soap BoxIt's soap-box day on the old Kris Lindahl blog. Usually I don't let stuff like this bother me but after hearing the following from several people, I've decided to write about it. Maybe it will be therapeutic, who knows? Anyway, check this out.

It has recently come to my attention that certain other Minnesota real estate agents are so threatened by my success that they’ve taken to criticizing me to potential clients. Although most agents don’t resort to these tactics, some do and, well, I’m a little tired of them.

In their efforts to belittle my success, these agents are telling homeowners that the only reason I list so many homes is that I underprice them. Now, I don’t know about you, but this makes no sense to me, and let me explain why.

Suppose you are a homeowner that needs to sell your home. I run a market analysis and determine that your home’s market value is around $375,000. I suggest, however, that you price the home at $360,000.

Are you going to list with me or with the agent that suggests listing the home at market value or maybe even more? Then, assume that each and every one of my clients that list their homes with me have agreed to list for less than what the home is worth.

Does it make sense to you? Me neither.

Now, I’m not suggesting that a homeowner should never underprice a home. In certain markets, with certain homes, underpricing results in multiple offers and the home may sell for more than market value.

The truth is, the reason I am so successful at listing and selling Minnesota homes is because of my marketing strategies. Rather than stick a sign in the yard and a bunch of blurry photos on the Multiple Listing Service I actually have a tried and true marketing strategy that works – every time.

My advice to homeowners that are interviewing agents to sell their home is simple:

  • Ask the agent to explain his marketing plan.
  • Ask the agent about his social media strategy and how it works to sell homes.
  • Ask the agent for the names and phone numbers of his last three listing clients.

Finally, ask yourself these questions: if an agent comes into your home and part of his strategy to get your business is to badmouth another agent, what other unethical practices is he guilty of? Is this type of real estate agent really the right one to handle the sale of one of the biggest investments you’ve ever made?

My success speaks for itself – no gimmicks, no dishonesty -- just solid, proven and professional marketing.

Ok, I’m done. Man, it’s a looooong way down off this soapbox!

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