Kitchen Renovation Ideas That Pay You Back

Kitchen Renovation Ideas That Pay You Back

How to Maximize the Value of a Kitchen RemodelUpgrading a kitchen can be expensive, so it might as well be a good investment. These kitchen improvement ideas are more likely to recoup the money spent in a higher resale value.

Overhauling a Dated Kitchen

Many estimates on the increased resale value of a major kitchen remodel are on the low side, but the numbers fail to tell the whole story. A survey from the National Association of Realtors revealed that a complete kitchen overhaul is an improvement that agents consider the best way to close a sale, or get a better sale price. Even a moderate kitchen renovation ranked in the top three of their best-rated home improvements. Although gutting and rebuilding a kitchen might cost more than $50,000, for a really dated kitchen arrangement, it may be well worth the effort.

Appliances and Fixtures

People might worry that upgrading the kitchen will guarantee weeks of eating take-out off paper plates, but some improvements are quite simple. Changing the appliances and fixtures are an easy way to update the look of a kitchen and make it more practical for the current homeowner or a future home buyer. People who are looking for homes prefer energy-efficient appliances and water-saving fixtures by far, and are willing to pay more to get it. If people make the switch a year or two before they move, they can take advantage of the decreased energy consumption, while ensuring the appliances are still new enough for sale.


Sometimes, home improvements have a great return on investment because they cost so little, and cabinets are a good example. With decent upkeep, quality rta cabinets can last for many decades. They may be in such poor condition that economically, the best choice is to replace your kitchen cabinets entirely. After several years, the cabinet doors start to look dated. Cabinet doors and drawer pulls can be easily replaced at a fraction of the cost of a full cabinet redo and along with well organized kitchen cabinets make the kitchen look almost entirely new. Newer cabinets that simply look like 2008 might just need a fresh coat of a currently trending paint color to make a decade melt away.


The renovations that a kitchen truly needs to stay current with the neighborhood depends on the area, but the experts of Kitchen Design in Nashville state that countertops are generally a good choice. Replacing kitchen countertops could range from a few thousand dollars to over $30,000, based on the material and the countertop's size. Quartz and granite continue to be the preferred options and would be considered almost mandatory for a luxury home upgrade. For homes on the lower end, people might find that they could put in a countertop that looks like granite but is made from a different material. This would complete the package of a larger kitchen remodel, with a lower outlay of cost.


As with other parts of the kitchen, the benefit of new kitchen flooring depends on what is already there. Linoleum dating back to the 1970s has simply got to go, in favor of something that is trendy, practical, and might only cost a bit more. Hardwood flooring or tile tend to rank highest for buyer preferences, but they may cost several thousand dollars. Homeowners who worry about the moisture concerns in the kitchen might consider putting in laminate or vinyl, for a wood look without the same risk of damage to your Ham Lake home.

Upgrading the kitchen should be done with an eye on future value. Homeowners who invest the time to carefully consider their kitchen renovations will be rewarded with a kitchen that looks great, works well, and helps them compete when they decide to sell.

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