Kris Lindahl Wins "40 Under 40" Business Journal Award

A Big Honor, a Huge Milestone & Many Thanks! 

Kris Lindahl Wins 40 Under 40 Award in MinnesotaI’ve got a huge surprise: I just found out that I won the Twin Cities Business Journal’s 40 Under 40! I say “surprise” because some of you are probably thinking, “Wait, Kris is under 40?” :) Seriously, though, this recognition means a lot, and all I can think about is all the people who have helped make it happen.

It’s been less than eight months since we started Kris Lindahl Real Estate, and I really feel like we’ve built more than a business: we’ve built a community. I think about all of our clients, both today and in the past. I think about the incredible—and I mean INCREDIBLE—people in our company, as well as the families we help support. I think about the other industry professionals who have stood by and encouraged us, even when many others said we’d never make it (let alone be recognized). 

Everyone has made sacrifices to make this happen, and I’d be lying if I said it was easy. Much of the time it’s felt like drinking from a firehose. But moments like this are just another reminder of why it’s all worth it. Hey, when you’re as thirsty as we are to improve ourselves, our profession and the world, sometimes it does take a firehouse. :)

I’ve followed the 40 Under 40 award for awhile now, and it’s an incredibly impressive list of winners. Frankly, I thought it might be impossible to break through, because I honestly can’t remember anyone from residential real estate being recognized. That makes this even more meaningful, and more humbling. 

Mostly, I see this as further validation of our “Be Generous” mantra. Business leaders in the 40 Under 40 aren’t (and shouldn’t be) evaluated solely based on their business success. I don’t think it’s controversial to say that our world could use a little more kindness. This award looks at the big picture, including how much you do to help other people and improve the communities where you live and work. No one at Kris Lindahl Real Estate, including me, does community work just to get awards. But hopefully being recognized for caring only encourages more people to get involved and make a positive dent in the universe. 

Again, thank you to everyone who has supported me and Kris Lindahl Real Estate on this amazing journey! #BeGenerous #BeKind #MakeaDifference 

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