Minnesota Politics Goes to the Dogs

mayor-of-cormorantJeez. We – Minnesota -- made national news again a couple of weeks ago. It seems that we now have a dog – yes a Canus lupus, not a human masquerading as one – as the mayor of one of our towns.

I suppose that this might be a nifty way to oppose the status quo, but really? How is a dog supposed to represent the interests of the town folks?

Now you may have never heard of Cormorant, but as a REALTOR, I have. It’s a delightful little township in Becker County. The 2010 census tells us that a little over 1,000 people live in Cormorant.But the Fox NY article about the election claims that the population is 12 and the vote was unanimous. This, by he way is why voters must ALWAYS verify what they read online before casting a vote.

Whatever the propaganda behind the new mayor, residents are really pleased with his job performance. Duke runs strange cars out of town and ensures nobody exceeds the speed limit. His services come free to the township.

Cormorant is located just a little over 2.5 hours northwest of Minneapolis.

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