Most Affordable Neighborhoods in Minneapolis: Minneapolis, MN Affordable Living Guide

Minneapolis Most Affordable Neighborhoods

Most Affordable Neighborhoods in Minneapolis: Minneapolis, MN Affordable Living Guide

Known for its bustling downtown and nightlife, Minneapolis has something for all of its residents to enjoy, from the Mall of America and Stone Arch Bridge to the Minnehaha Falls and Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.

Despite the cold and snowy winters, most residents would agree that the city does an excellent job of keeping Minneapolis's roads safe to travel. Whether in the north, east, south, or west area of the city, the government monitors winter conditions around the clock to ensure roads are salted and plowed at the appropriate times. This means long-time residents and those just moving to Minneapolis can all have the same assurance, regardless of the area of the city they choose to call home.

In addition to expensive neighborhoods, Minneapolis is home to a number of affordable neighborhoods that are each unique in their own way. Whether near or far from the center of the city, Minneapolis's communities range from urban to suburban. In fact, some of them are just steps away from downtown, while others are a few minutes' drive and offer great privacy. These top five affordable neighborhoods in Minneapolis win over the hearts of most of their residents, and many have been living in the same home for over a decade; read on to see if one of these neighborhoods might be the right fit for you.

Shingle Creek

Shingle Creek Amenities

  • Shingle Creek
  • Several parks
  • Easy access to highways
  • Proximity to schools and libraries

Shingle Creek is Minneapolis's most affordable neighborhood, and it has been for the past five years. Located in the northwestern corner of the city, over 82% of the neighborhood's 3,000+ residents own their homes. This number has been steadily increasing over the years, as more Minneapolis renters have opted to purchase homes in this neighborhood rather than continue living in a rental.

The median home value in Shingle Creek is $145,332. With numerous parks within walking distance, the neighborhood is often filled with residents enjoying fresh air. While the neighborhood offers a sparse suburban feel, it provides privacy without sacrificing access to modern conveniences. Residents of Shingle Creek are not farther than a three-minute drive from Target, Walmart, and TJ Maxx.

Most of the homes in Shingle Creek offer a three-bedroom, one-bathroom floor plan. Almost all the homes in the neighborhood have large front yards and fenced-in back yards. Homes feature various landscape and exterior color choices.

Shingle Creek Hotspots

Shingle Creek Shopping

Shingle Creek Nightlife

Shingle Creek Cafés

Shingle Creek Restaurants

Columbia Park

Columbia Park Amenities

  • Off-leash dog park
  • Borders the Mississippi River
  • Columbia Park & green space
  • Suburban feel
  • Columbia Golf Club

Minneapolis's second most affordable neighborhood is Columbia Park, which offers access to the most parks in the area. With just over 1,500 residents, over 80% own their homes. The median home value in Columbia Park is $187,074. This L-shaped neighborhood provides residents with a suburban feel in the northeast side of the city.

Columbia Park sits just to the east of the Mississippi River, which puts some residents in proximity to view the river from their home. In addition to coffee shops, parks, and restaurants, Columbia Park offers amenities such as archery, a driving range, tennis court, and soccer field in its many parks.

A number of homes in Columbia Park offer three and four bedrooms. However, some of these homes only have one or two bathrooms. The size of these houses may appear small on the outside, but homes in Columbia Park offer so much more once people step inside. Each home in Columbia Park offers a unique exterior.


Earning the title of the third most affordable neighborhood in Minneapolis is Bryant. This neighborhood's median home value is $182,352, and over 70% of residents are homeowners. They have come together as a community to create a suburban feel throughout the neighborhood, with most residents owning their home for over 10 years.

Bryant is just south of downtown, which makes it incredibly close to the best that Minneapolis has to offer. Residents of Bryant can quickly walk to numerous bars, restaurants, cafés, and grocery stores in 10 minutes or less. The neighborhood continues to focus on exterior renovations as a whole. Additionally, the community regularly comes together to vote on what businesses and eateries should be added next.

A large majority of the homes in Bryant offer at least three bedrooms and one bathroom. Street parking is common, and it may be hard to find a home that offers a garage in this neighborhood.

Columbia Park Hotspots

Waite Park

Waite Park Amenities

  • Quarry Park Scientific & Natural Area
  • Quarry Park & Nature Reserve
  • Sauk River
  • Part of St. Cloud area
  • Nearby outdoor recreation
  • Small-town atmosphere

Waite Park is located in the northeastern part of Minneapolis. With over 5,200 residents, Waite Park is the largest most affordable neighborhood in the city. With a median home value of $225,418, over 82% of residents own their home in Waite Park. The neighborhood has numerous suburban amenities available to residents, in addition to many well-maintained parks. Just a short drive to downtown Minneapolis, residents can quickly access all the action the city offers.

Waite Park is known for being an active community, with many people volunteering in park cleanups or dedicating time to the PTA. Many residents have chosen to grow roots in the area and have been settled in Waite Park for over 15 years.

As one of the largest neighborhoods in Minneapolis, Waite Park offers the most variety in the types of home available. Some homes are two bedrooms with two bathrooms, while others offer four bedrooms with only one bathroom. The exterior style of homes varies greatly, which makes it easy for potential new residents to find the old-world charm or modern architecture they are looking for in their next home.


Cooper Amenities

  • Borders the Mississippi River
  • Beautiful greenspace
  • Walking & bicycle trails
  • Many restaurants & cafés
  • Suburban living

Cooper is home to over 3,500 residents and is the fifth most affordable neighborhood in Minneapolis. With its dense suburban feel and coffee shops in every direction, over 77% of the neighborhood's residents have purchased property. The median home value in Cooper is $239,362. With its location in the southern area of Minneapolis and on the west bank of the Mississippi River, many residents are just feet from the water.

Many people can be found at the neighborhood's parks and restaurants in the late afternoon. Additionally, many Cooper residents can be found walking, running, or biking throughout the day.

The offering of homes in Cooper are incredibly similar to one another. Most homes offer three bedrooms and two bathrooms, but there are some homes with four bedrooms and two bathrooms. The contemporary bungalow architecture unites the look of the area, a neat feature that is unique to Cooper and not found in many other neighborhoods in Minneapolis. However, this does mean that residents are expected to maintain their landscaping. Additionally, every resident is expected to participate in holiday decorating and removing all decorations at the end of the year.

Visit These Affordable Minneapolis Neighborhoods Today

Amenities and convenient locations perfectly come together in these top five affordable neighborhoods in Minneapolis. Despite their low housing cost, these areas are just moments away from the bustling action that has made the city famous. These neighborhoods are well-maintained year-round, especially when the snow takes over the roadways during winter. Whether seeking a view of the Mississippi River, access to Minneapolis parks, a quick walk to a variety of shops, or the ability to have a friendly chat with neighbors, one of these five neighborhoods has exactly what someone is looking for when considering the cost of living in their next move.

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