Neighborhood Spotlight: Lake Harriet and Southwest Minneapolis

There are nine neighborhoods that make up Lake Harriet and Southwest Minneapolis. It’s a large community that is located between Interstate 35W and Edina. You’ll see houses here of all types of architectural styles and a range of prices. The community borders Richfield to the south and Calhoun Isles to the north. Here is a look at Lake Harriet and Southwest Minneapolis.

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The Neighborhoods

The nine neighborhoods of Lake Harriet and Southwest Minneapolis include:

  • Tangletown
  • Kenny
  • Fulton
  • King Field
  • Armatage
  • Windom
  • Lynnhurst
  • Linden Hills
  • East Harriet

The neighborhoods consist of both modern homes to historical cottages. Almost all of the neighborhoods in this community are near lakes, parks and recreational areas.


Tangletown has an unusual street layout in which it twists and bends rather than laying in a traditional grid.  It’s centered around Fuller Park and used to be called Fuller. It’s just north of Windom and east of Lynnhurst.


Lynnhurst is at the southern edge of Lake Harriet and is west of Tangletown. To the west of Lynnhurst you can find the Fulton neighborhood. Lynnhurst is unique for having large and beautiful homes built before the 1940s.


Windom neighborhood is located near Tangletown and Kenny neighborhoods. It’s on the southern city limit of Minneapolis and offers a rural feeling. They have many affordable single-family homes.


Kenny neighborhood has many large homes for sale built in the 1940’s or later. They have been renovated since then. The neighborhood enjoys an annual SummerFest every August and has a lake called Grass Lake.


Armatage neighborhood is probably the nicest neighborhood in the Twin Cities. Its south of Fulton and Lynnhurst while next to Kenny neighborhood. The homes were built between 1949 and 1969 and there are thriving local businesses here.


Homes in Fulton were built in the 20s and 30s and have been renovated. Fulton sits west of Lynnhurst, adjacent to Edina and south of Linden Hills.

East Harriet

This is the neighborhood for two-story homes and rentals offering area parks and bike trails.

King Field

King Field neighborhood is east of East Harriet and south of Lyndale with homes from the 20s. You’ll find shopping and restaurants here.

Linden Hills

Linden Hills has Tudor-style homes and large bungalows. It’s home to Lake Harriet Parkway which features multimillion dollar homes.

Lake Harriet and Southwest Minneapolis are beautiful areas to live with many different neighborhood choices.

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