Neighborhood Spotlight: Powderhorn

Powderhorn Park
Powderhorn is found to the south of downtown Minneapolis and features many historic structures. It's one of the top areas in the Twin Cities for historic architecture.

This south side neighborhood is just a few miles from the downtown area. The borders for Powderhorn include 42nd Street East, Cedar Avenue South, Lake Street and Chicago Avenue.

Historic Houses

The neighborhood is most-known for the historic architecture. Many of the homes date back to before the 1920s. The community is home to some of the oldest structure in the Twin Cities area and provides plenty of single-family homes throughout. Along with the single-family homes, Powderhorn is home to some apartments and duplexes.

The Powderhorn area is home to many smaller neighborhoods including:

  • Central
  • Bryant
  • Powderhorn Park
  • Standish
  • Bancroft
  • Corcoran
  • Whittier
  • Lyndale

The area is also served by the light-rail, which runs along Haiwatha Avenue. This is the connection for residents to both downtown and the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. Residents of Powderhorn can also use the light-rail to get to the Mall of America.

Entertainment and More

Powderhorn is home to many retail stores and restaurants. This diverse neighborhood also includes the Children's Theatre Company and the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Many other attractions are found here, as well.

Along with the many attractions, the neighborhood holds the Powderhorn Art Fair every year. Many other events are found throughout the year including the May Day Parade and other festivals. Many of the events are found at Powderhorn Park, which covers 66 acres.

Overall, this neighborhood is a very popular area because of the attractions, shopping, dining, events and history found throughout. It's an affordable area with an average home value of nearly $160,000, which is lower than the city, county and national averages. The location makes Powderhorn very convenient and provides plenty for residents to enjoy.

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