Pet Owner? Proactive Tips to Help Prepare and Sell the Pet-Friendly Home

Pet Owner? Proactive Tips to Help Prepare and Sell the Pet-Friendly Home

Proactive Tips to Help Prepare and Sell the Pet-Friendly HomePets are important members of many households and the numbers are growing. In fact, according to recent statistics, approximately 68 percent of American households currently include pets, a number that has increased more than 12 percent in just the past decade. But in addition to the love these furry family members bring, there can also be some challenges, such as the problems often encountered in selling a home where pets are kept. Pet owners who are preparing to sell their home can use the following information to help them solve these challenges and make their pet-friendly home attractive for every buyer.

Get an unbiased opinion about potential pet issues

While most pet parents work hard to keep their pets clean and their homes free of pet-related odors and messes, it can become difficult to detect subtle odors or signs that a pet lives in the home. Since buyers, particularly those who are not pet owners, are likely to notice these issues, pet owners may need to get an unbiased opinion on the matter.

To do this, consider inviting a friend, relative, or your listing agent to view the home and offer their honest opinion on whether they notice any odors or visual signs that a pet lives in the home.

Visual signs might include scratches on door and window frames, chew damage to furnishings, doors, or trim, and pet hair or stains on upholstery, rugs, and drapes. If any of these issues are noted, it is a sure bet that prospective buyers will also notice them.

Cleaning these areas thoroughly, along with replacing damaged or stained flooring, repainting damaged walls, and repairing scratch and chew marks is the first step in making sure that a pet-friendly home is attractive to every prospective buyer.

Plan ahead to remove or confine pets during viewings

Dogs that bark or growl and cats that attempt to escape whenever a someone enters the home distract the attention of the buyer and their buyer agent and make it harder for them to see the benefits the home can provide.

Sellers who plan ahead to remove or securely confine their pets during every showing will be offering the prospective buyer a better viewing experience that may even translate to better offers and a faster sale.

Some excellent ideas for removing or confining pets during viewings include:

  • having a family member take dogs (or cats) for a leashed walk around the neighborhood during each viewing
  • crate training dogs or cats and placing their crates in a quiet corner of the garage or basement for use during viewing appointments
  • making arrangements for a supportive neighbor to house the pets during viewings

If work schedules or other issues make it difficult to remove pets before a showing appointment, consider placing the pets in a day boarding facility or arranging to temporarily rehome them with a friend or relative until the home sells.

Use pet-friendly qualities to help market the home

With pet ownership numbers continuing to grow, it is likely that many prospective buyers already own a pet or plan to do so, once they find a home to buy. Sellers who have homes with pet-friendly amenities, such as special bathing facilities or enclosed outdoor areas with pet-safe fencing should consider mentioning these features prominently in marketing materials.

Pet Fashion Week suggests that you let your furry friends help you make a sale. Let them play in the enclosed outdoor play area and even add more amenities. Remember, the more pet-friendly your home looks, the higher the chances of getting an offer from another pet-owner. Who knows, your home might be precisely what he/she needs! 

For more tips on selling a pet-friendly Ham Lake home, discuss your situation with your listing agent. These real estate professionals, many of which are also pet parents, can assist you with additional ideas, as well as referrals to local contractors who can help cure any pet damage issues and make sure your pet-friendly home will attract buyers and offers with ease.

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