Where Are the Best Pizza Parlors in Minneapolis, MN?

Best Places to Get Pizza in Minneapolis, MNFrom a classic pepperoni pizza pie to a unique concoction with interesting toppings, there's no shortage of pizza options in Minneapolis. Visitors and residents who are searching for a slice of fresh, hot pizza will find that it's easy to satisfy their cravings.

These are the best pizza parlors in Minneapolis, MN:

Pizzeria Lola

Address: Pizzeria Lola, 5557 Xerxes Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55410

Pizzeria Lola features a cool atmosphere and a menu filled with wood-fired pizzas. It is a favorite place for families with young children as well as couples who want to enjoy a night on the town. Its menu includes classic pizza pies such as the margarita as well as unique creations like the Korean BBQ pizza. This restaurant also offers gluten-free crust for those who require or prefer it. It is open for dinner during the week and for both lunch and dinner on the weekends.

Lake Harriet Pizza

Address: Lake Harriet Pizza, 5009 Penn Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55419

Lake Harriet Pizza is best known as a neighborhood pizza parlor that serves the Southwest side of Minneapolis. It has been a staple in the community since 1979, and it has earned a reputation for having friendly, reliable service as well as fast delivery speeds. Its menu includes a variety of favorite starters, such as garlic bread and cheese bread, and it also features house specialty pizzas. Most people, however, prefer to create their own pie using the endless toppings the restaurant offers. This restaurant is open for dinner every day of the week.

Wrecktangle Pizza

Address: Wrecktangle Pizza, 729 N Washington Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55401

Wrecktangle Pizza is a relative newcomer to the Minneapolis pizza scene, having just opened its doors in 2019. However, it has quickly become a favorite among locals and visitors alike. This restaurant specializes in Detroit-style pizza but with a Minneapolis twist. All the pizzas on the menu are large and rectangle-shaped with deep-dish crusts. Diners will find creative pizzas on the menu as well as beloved classics. It is open for both lunch and dinner every day of the week and is situated in the heart of the North Loop.

Red Wagon Pizza Company

Address: Red Wagon Pizza Company, 5416 Penn Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55419

Red Wagon Pizza Company is a pizza parlor located in south Minneapolis. It opened its doors in 2014 and quickly became known as the place to be in the city. Not only has it earned local acclaim, but it has been featured on national dining programs because of its innovative approach to the pizza parlor experience. Its menu includes unique selections such as the McLovin' It, which is a pizza piled high with hamburger, cheddar and American cheese, diced onions, lettuce, pickles, sesame seeds and a special sauce.

Black Sheep Coal Fired Pizza

Address: Black Sheep Coal Fired Pizza, 600 N Washington Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55401

Black Sheep Coal Fired Pizza is a local pizza parlor that aims to bring back the traditional approach to pizza making. All the pizzas at this restaurant are cooked in a coal-fired oven, much like the original pizzas that were served in New York City. This restaurant is the first coal-burning pizza place in the city, and it boasts two locations in Minneapolis as well as one in St. Paul.

Pizza is the perfect meal for any occasion. Working professionals can grab a quick slice for lunch before heading back to the office, while young people will find it's the best meal to share during happy hour. Of course, the pizza parlors in Minneapolis are romantic in their own way as well, so even couples can enjoy a date night at one of these locales.

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