Popular Bathroom Remodeling Options for the Home

Popular Bathroom Remodeling Options for the Home

Popular Bathroom Remodeling OptionsRemodeling a bathroom could range from a minor update to a complete, luxurious overhaul. Featuring extra storage or an amazing sauna, people can transform their bathrooms into the glorious retreats they deserve. These bathroom renovations offer the best of current trends and practices for modern bathrooms.

Small but Efficient

In a lot of cases, people want to remodel a bathroom but they cannot change the size of the space. This is particularly true for smaller homes and older homes that conformed to outdated expectations about how a bathroom could be used. For a small bathroom space, people are focusing on efficiency. They maximize every inch of the bathroom's appearance, not just its use. For example, pedestal sinks come in favor of the bathroom cabinet under the sink. Walk-in showers take up much less space than a full bathtub. The use of natural stone tiles creates a luxurious and modern aesthetic, making a small space feel just as enjoyable.

Large and Luxurious

On the opposite end of the spectrum, many homeowners are expanding their bathrooms into the recreational, spa-type bathroom space they have always wanted. The point is to make a bathroom as useful as possible, with extra comforts and function. One popular approach divides the bathtub/shower combination into two fine spaces. The shower might be large or small and efficient, with an overhead water source that mimics the falling rain. Bathtubs come in all sizes, including models that are large enough for more than one person. Seating and lower counter height allows people to sit down while they do their hair or makeup. Lighting options can be fairly standard, or build an ambience of restfulness and relaxation.

Effective Storage

Small or large, people are turning to their bathrooms to provide them with ideal storage that they can customize. People who think that upgrading to a shower made of travertine or marble means they have to give up a spot for their shampoo should know that they have plenty of choices. To use space effectively, the cabinet under the sink that mostly just conceals the plumbing falls in popularity. Instead, Minneapolis homeowners are starting to favor adjustable shelving on the wall and in linen closets. That way, their bathroom storage can continue to grow and change with their needs.

High-Tech Toilets

Although people might spend more of their time each day in the bath or shower, toilet upgrades also deserve plenty of consideration. The latest technology makes it easier to operate and manage the function of the toilet, with some comfort features that anyone can enjoy. For a higher price, homeowners can have a smart toilet. Technology for toilets allows people to flush without using their hands, sometimes even remotely, which like other home smart technology, may help the value of the home. Sensors alert homeowners to the presence of a clog, so they can avoid an overflowing bowl. On the higher end, toilets may feature heated seats, bidets, and even drying technology.

Bathroom renovations could be simple and efficient, or completely over the top. Homeowners are only limited to the space they have available, and might be able to stretch their bathrooms into a wonderful retreat from the daily cares of life. By taking advantage of these popular bathroom upgrades, people can make their bathrooms even more functional and fashionable than before.

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