The 4 Best Security Technology Trends For Multi-Family Rental Properties

Security Technology Trends for Multi-Family Rental Properties If you’re investing in a multi-family rental property, keeping up with the latest technology is the best way to attract and keep the best tenants. There are three key features that you should look for in on-site technology. Every property should include hygiene-based security technology, technology with integrative capabilities, and smart home technology that can be managed by tenants.

With these three features, technology can make your lives safer and easier overall, which will boost your quality of life and turn your new property into a safe haven. Keep reading to become an expert on the top three security considerations for multi-family properties.

Hygiene-Based Technology

If you’re looking for a multi-family residential community, the total number of tenants will be greater than other rental properties. With so many people coming and going, it’s important to keep communal entrances clean.

We spread germs via surfaces, air, and physical touch daily, but technology can help us reduce this. You can diminish the number of surfaces you touch and monitor your health to protect yourself and other community members with hygiene-based technology.

Touchless Technology

Together, video intercoms and touchless multifamily door entry systems are secure technologies to help you safely enter facilities without touching the same surface as the ten people previously did.

Touchless access control allows you to use physical or virtual keycards to access your home quickly and securely. These keycards provide specific access to each tenant and are reprogrammable if you lose them, keeping you safer overall.

Another safe and hygienic way to access your building is through video intercom systems. Video intercoms allow security to verify if you are an authorized user and grant entry, whether touchless or not. This system is beneficial for visitors as residents can verify their access based on video and audio to ensure their identity. These measures verify every entrance to protect the community from intruders and maintain safety.

Health Checks

Wellness technology is the latest form of hygiene technology that helps reduce the spread of germs. Automated systems can evaluate your well-being with temperature readings and automated health surveys before entering the building. They inform you of any illness indicators so you can put precautions in place to limit the spread.

Integrated Security Technology

Alone, individual technologies are incredibly effective and can help keep you safe. But, when a property uses numerous forms of technology, it’s essential that they’re compatible.

On one interface, security teams could access visitor management systems, access control, and building management systems for easier access. They could evaluate the security of the building faster as it is all available on the same network, so there is no switching between technologies. Any danger will be noticed quickly, and a better response can be formulated.

For example, if an intruder attempted to enter the building, the visitor management system would alert security and send an automated response to the access control system to deny access to the intruder. Since the systems are connected, they stop the threat faster, so the building remains protected.

When the technologies protecting your home can interact with each other, there is little room for threats to your security. Your “smart” home can support security teams in keeping you and your family safer.

Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology is a win-win for owners and tenants because it makes life easier and reduces utility bills. With smart thermostats, lightbulbs, and motion sensors, the energy usage in your home can be simply managed from a phone, specifically yours.

This technology hands back control to the tenant and allows them to manage their HVAC system to their preferences. If you know that your kids have a habit of leaving the lights on in every room, motion sensors will be ideal for you as they can turn your lights off when no one is in the room.

These effective technologies will keep your bills down and help the planet out all at the same time. It’s a little extra effort that helps hugely, so keep an eye out for a property with smart home technology because it will change the way you run your life.

Design a State-of-the-Art Multi-Family Property

Multi-family rental properties are in high demand, and with the right technology in place, you can set your property apart from the rest. By installing hygiene-based technology, touchless technology, integrated security technology, or smart home technology, you can make your tenants' lives easier and more comfortable while also protecting your investment.

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