What You Need to Know When Selecting Internet Service

So Many Types of Internet Service: Which Should You Choose?Just 30 years ago, virtually no one had internet service in their home. Today, the internet is difficult to live without. As web capability has grown in popularity and usefulness, different types of internet services have been developed. If you're a Hudson, WI homeowner trying to decide what kind of internet service is right for you, here's what you need to know.

Cable Internet

Cable delivers the internet through cable wires, the same cable wires that deliver cable TV to the home. Cable internet is a reliable and high-speed form of internet service, however, it can be prone to congestion at high-use times of day. People who have cable internet, just like their neighbors, might notice their internet service slowing down when everyone is logging on at the same time.

Cable internet is favorable to many people because most homes have access to cable (and thus have access to cable internet) and it's generally affordable.

DSL Internet

DSL stands for digital subscriber line. DSL Internet is available to people via their telephone infrastructure, if DSL upgrades have been made in their coverage area. DSL is high-speed, though speeds may vary depending on how far the home is from the nearest telephone exchange.

Many phone companies have extended their DSL coverage, and DSL is now widely available. When phone lines are above ground, DSL internet has a way of going out during storms.

Satellite Internet

Satellite internet is an excellent option for homeowners living in rural areas, especially in the absence of DSL and cable internet. In order to get satellite internet at home, the homeowner must have a satellite installed on their house.

It's common for people who have satellite television to also have satellite internet. However, satellite internet is not as fast as many other high-speed internets. In addition, when the beam is obstructed, the internet connection may be interrupted.

Fiber Internet

Fiber-optic cables provide super-high internet speeds to people who have access to fiber internet. However, fiber optics are not common in the United States and many people do not have this type of internet service in their home.

New to Your Home? Shop Around for Different Services

Internet service varies in price and speed, depending on the type of service being offered. If you're new to your home and are looking for internet service, find out what services are available in your area. Shop around to get the best deals.

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