Relocating? Sell Your House Fast for a Cash Offer & Move Sooner

Relocating? Sell Your Home Fast for Cash

Selling a home can take a lot of work, and it can be difficult for homeowners who need to relocate quickly. Sellers who list on the traditional market have to jump through a number of hoops including preparing the house to sell, staging, listing, and negotiating with buyers. In some cases, getting a guaranteed offer to sell the home quickly for cash makes the most sense. With this information, sellers will know what they can expect from the home selling process, particularly with a cash buyer.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

Traditional Home Sales Take Time

The process to sell a home can take weeks and sometimes even months. Sellers usually start by finding a real estate agent to represent them. The agent helps them prioritize any changes they want to make to the home before they list it. Together, they choose a time to list the home, and set a target list price. Once the agent publishes the listing, the sellers need to vacate the home for showings to potential buyers. If a buyer makes an offer, they work with the seller to reach an agreement on the terms of the sale. From the time they sign a contract, sellers can expect to wait a month or two to close on the sale. Sellers may need to continue negotiating the contract throughout the process, especially if the buyers have concerns about the home inspection report or appraisal.

Sell On Your Timeline

Many people sell a home due to relocation plans, which can complicate the process by requiring a tighter timeline. For example, sellers who have to move out of the area may not have time to get their existing homes ready for sale let alone go through the listing and negotiating processes. A job opportunity in a new city might require relocation within weeks, not months. Sellers who are pondering an international move often need to focus on getting important documents and thinning out their belongings. Although it is possible to sell a home from a remote location, it requires sellers to hire someone to attend to the property during the process. These aspects can add stress to a seller's heavy workload and other obligations. In cases like these, a guaranteed offer can be a great option to get a fair price quickly when selling your home as-is.

How to Sell a Home for Cash

Cash buyers are investors who offer cash upfront for your home so you can sell on your timeline at a fair sale price. These buyers may not require an appraisal, since they do not need a mortgage. They tend to use the home inspection report to plan upgrades, instead of negotiating for a lower price. Buyers may offer to purchase the home outright for cash, with a short negotiation and a quick closing. Some cash buyers prefer to offer a guaranteed price for the home where they provide a lump sum that the seller can use to settle a mortgage and relocate, while the investor starts the process to sell the home later. Additionally, selling to a cash buyer can also help you avoid real estate scams, fraud, and misleading tactics.

Benefits of a Cash Home Sale

Selling a home quickly offers a number of benefits. These include:

  • Vacating the home in days or weeks
  • Getting funds to pay off the existing mortgage
  • Additional funds to buy a new home
  • No need to stay in the area to supervise the home sale
  • Ability to move on to new opportunities

Sellers who need to move faster than the typical sale timeline may greatly appreciate the advantages of a cash buyer. Cash buyers can simplify the process so that sellers can be free to get on with their lives without worrying about selling their old homes.

Relocate Quickly with a Guaranteed Offer

Sometimes, life happens and homeowners have to move unexpectedly but still want a fair price for their homes. By selling the home for cash, sellers have the ability to focus their time on the most important responsibilities and take the home-selling process off of their plates. Getting a cash offer on your home comes with no obligation to accept and can be a great first step when circumstances cause you to need to make a fast move.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

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