How to Sell Your Home In the Spring

Should I Sell My Home in the Spring?Spring is a good time to sell a home, even if it's not the best season. Though the ice may have begun to thaw outside, the kids are still in school and the weather may be unpredictable to say the least. The demand for each property will depend on everything from the neighborhood to the current interest rates to the forecasted economic climate. If buyers are worried that home prices will rise again, they may be willing to jump on a home before summer really heats up. Here are a few tips for selling a home in the spring.

Don't Price Too High

Even homes in hot markets are ignored when they're priced too high over the limit. The psychology of pricing sets anchors in people's minds, so much that they may continue to ignore the home even if it does eventually come down in price. This doesn't mean that sellers won't get the price they want, but it may mean the winning offer will come from a bidding war rather than the original MLS number.

Concentrate on Aesthetics

If people are coming to see the home on a bright, clear day with a hint of renewal in the air, sellers may as well capitalize on that feeling of hope. Here are just a few suggestions to brighten everything up.

  • Plant colorful flowers to line the walkway
  • Paint the exterior an attractive pastel
  • Reseed the lawn
  • Clean the front door and mailbox
  • Use mulch several days before buyers show up to clear out the smell
  • Trim the trees/bushes
  • Wash all windows
  • Reshingle the roof

It doesn't take long for buyers to make snap judgments, and these small improvements can make a home memorable enough to catapult it to the forefront of a buyer's mind.

Spring Cleaning

Clutter and dust have a tendency to pile up over the long winter months, and spring cleaning is recommended for all homeowners (whether they're selling anytime soon or not). When sellers get rid of their old furniture, clothes, and knickknacks, they may see a whole new side of their home. It makes it easier to highlight the best qualities of different rooms. Maybe sellers will notice gorgeous hardwood floors peeking out from a tattered carpet in the attic. Open, airy homes give buyers a priceless boost of optimism, which can inevitably drive the desire of the home up.

Do the Repairs

If sellers are aware of the major flaws in the home, they might as well tackle the projects before the inspector shows up. Springtime is a great season to get repairs done, simply because sellers are less likely to encounter weather delays. This is important not just because it shows buyers that sellers have made the effort, but also because it can save money in the long run. If the buyer discovers the flaws, they may insist on choosing the methodology of the repairs—so they know it's done right. Their interference can drive the price of repairs up for no reason.

Sellers who take the time to see their home through the buyer's eyes will always have a better chance of getting the price they want. Spring carries a number of feelings in buyers, including the hope for a fresh start. When Rochester home sellers lean into this with the right staging and showings, they can start inching the price up ever higher.

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