Selling Vacant Land? Tips to Help Get More Buyer Interest and the Best Possible Offers

Selling Vacant Land? Tips to Help Get More Buyer Interest and the Best Possible Offers

Got Land? Tips for Successfully Marketing and Selling Vacant LandSelling a parcel of vacant, unimproved land requires a different approach than the one used by those selling a home, business, or tract of land with value-added improvements. Because buyers are able to more easily see the monetary value and time-savings offered in developed property, most are prepared to pay a higher price than they are willing to pay for unimproved or vacant land. Therefore, vacant land owners who want to be successful in selling their property for the best possible price must think outside the box and these proactive tips are a great starting point to a better selling experience.

Utilize technology to help improve visibility

Whether its a few acres or a few thousand acres, prospective buyers will find it much more challenging to view vacant land in its entirety than parcels that have homes, structures, or other improvements already in place. In most cases, this problem is caused by the sheer size of the parcel and the lack of differentiating features and focal points that help prospective buyers assess and remember what they see.

Fortunately, drone technology and aerial imaging can both provide prospective buyers with excellent ways in which to better visualize the entire parcel in an efficient manner. Instead of having a prospective buyer spend hours of their time walking or driving around the property to even decide if it might work for their needs, sellers who utilize these technological advances can impress prospective buyers by allowing them a means to conveniently preview the property from the comfort of their home or office.

Sellers can find quality aerial images, including topographical maps, through resources such as their county assessor, USGS online mapping tools, or their area soil and water conservation districts. Since an increasing number of real estate professionals who specialize in selling vacant land have embraced the use of drone imaging to assist with marketing, land sellers should consider this when selecting an agent to assist them with the sale of their land.

Make the property attractive and convenient for viewing

Another common problem when marketing vacant land is access that is inconvenient for buyers or conditions that are unattractive or off-putting when viewed. Vacant property can be difficult to keep show ready, but making the effort to do so can really pay off. To make their properties more attractive, vacant land sellers should:

  • Make sure that there is sufficient cleared space to allow prospective buyers and their agents to pull into the property and safely park when viewing
  • Make sure that corners, boundary lines, and other important features are clearly marked
  • Make sure that trash and debris are removed from the site
  • Provide cleared trails for walking the property, (or driving, if the property is a large one)

In addition, sellers will want to attend to seasonal needs, such as snow removal and mowing, while the property is being marketed for sale.

Help buyers see future potential

Providing prospective buyers with additional information that may help them to see the future potential is an excellent way to market vacant land. For instance, if the property has marketable timber on it, sellers should consider having its value assessed by a certified professional and then including that information in all marketing materials. Additionally, sellers should include information about water sources on the property, soil test results, and information regarding existing mineral deposits, and whether or not they are included in the sale.

To enjoy the best possible experience when selling vacant land—in Anoka or elsewhere—landowners should always begin the process with the assistance of a real estate professional with a proven track record of success in vacant land sales. These agents will have systems in place to effectively market vacant land and help their sellers enjoy a profitable, successful land sale.

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