Selling Your Home? 4 Tips Busy People Can Use to Get Ready

Selling Your Home? 4 Tips Busy People Can Use to Get Ready

Tips for Selling Home When Busy Selling a home successfully is not a task to be taken lightly. Even though you have hired the best possible real estate professional to handle the marketing duties, qualify prospective buyers, and shepherd the numerous documents, appointments, and tasks that must be done in the course of the transaction, you still must make sure that the home is as appealing as possible to each and every buyer who views it.

For sellers already burdened with demanding jobs, or the time constraints of other obligations, finding time to do this can seem stressful or maybe even impossible. If you are currently selling your home or planning to do so in the near future and have some real concerns about how you will find time to prepare it properly for showing, the following tips can help. 

Invest in Professional Cleaning and Organizing Services

As a home seller with a very busy schedule, sometimes the best possible use of your time may be to pay someone else for theirs. Paying for professional cleaning and organizing services to make sure that each room of your home looks its very best is an excellent investment for the busy seller with limited time. To get the best results, look for professional cleaning companies that offer full service cleaning, including windows, woodwork, light fixtures, carpets, tile, etc. and schedule initial cleaning and organizing, as well as regular visits to help your home continue to look its best while on the market.

Make Changes in Household Habits to Reduce Cleaning Chores

Another way to help keep your home looking its best for showings without requiring more time and effort from you is to make changes in household habits while the home is on the market. Some good examples include: 

  • keeping living areas free of crumbs and stains by limiting meals and snacks to one room of the home, usually the kitchen and making each household member responsible for putting their dishes in the dishwasher and wiping tables and counters after each use
  • keeping floors looking clean and neat by making the house a "shoe-free zone" temporarily while on market by placing a shoe storage rack and a bench in the garage or mudroom and asking all household members to remove their shoes there each time they enter 
  • leaving the home ready to show each morning by waking up earlier to pick up stray items, take trash out, make beds, and quickly straighten up living areas before leaving for work or school

Make Your Home Available for Showing Only at Specific Times

While it is typically best to allow as many home viewings as possible when marketing your home for sale, doing so may be too stressful for sellers with very busy schedules that severely limit their available time. To avoid this type of problem, consider working with your real estate professional to set certain times and days when your home will be available for showing.

Ask your agent to help you determine when buyers are most active in your area and choose times and dates that will make the most of these times. Remember to make sure that the showing instructions for your home are available in the MLS and through your broker and that they accurately reflect the hours in which showings will be accepted, in order to avoid possible confusion with showing agents.

Use Technology to Assist With Cleaning Chores

Keeping floors clean and free of dust and dirt is extremely important while your home is listed for sale, but daily vacuuming chores can take up precious time that you may not have available. To enjoy clean, beautiful floors without hours spent with a vac in hand, consider opting for a robotic floor cleaning machine that you can program to automatically activate and vacuum most types of flooring each day. Set the machine to complete its duties early each morning to ensure that your floors will always look fresh and clean for each day's viewing schedule. 

In addition to these tips, remember to discuss your specific needs with your listing agent. Their knowledge and expertise will allow them to offer you advice and additional solutions to help you work within your time constraints to get your home sold.

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