Selling Your Home in the Twn Cities? Don't Make These Common Mistakes

Home Selling Mistakes When it comes to selling a home in the Twin Cities area, there are certain mistakes home owners often make that can prove to be very costly. Two of those more common, and obvious, mistakes home sellers make include over-pricing your home from the start and hiring the wrong real estate agent who doesn't have the same level of professionalism, experience, and market expertise as The Kris Lindahl Team.

When speaking with potential clients for the first time, we recommend they hire a reputable real estate agent who understands your neighborhood and can help you price your home accordingly. Making a mistake when it comes to pricing a home could lead to several price drops during the home selling process, which could consequently drop your home well below what you could have received had you simply gone in with an accurate price the first time around.

Other major mistakes home sellers tend to make include withholding information from buyers, such as leaks or other issues to the home, which could draw out the negotiating process or even result in a lawsuit later on down the road.  If you skip out on a home inspection in the beginning, too, this is another issue that could come back to haunt you when your buyer suddenly wants to start negotiating about fixing unforeseen repairs.

Finally, don’t make the very common mistake of putting your home on the market before it’s ready. If possible, always be sure to make minor repairs, touch up the paint, and even doing some inexpensive updating in order to get the most attention, and also get the best price possible when you do decide to list your home or condo.  And last but not least, it’s also always a good idea to invest in a professional to come in and clean the home inside and out, because after all, who wants to walk through a messy or dirty home?

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