Selling Your Home this Winter? There's Work to do NOW.

Home for Sale in MinnesotaThere was a study done last year – I can’t remember now who did it – that astounded the real estate industry.

Apparently winter isn’t as bad of a home selling season as most people think. The study found that homes listed in winter have a 9 percent better chance of selling and spend seven fewer days on the market than homes sold in any other season. Yes, even the infamous “spring home selling season.”

What was really interesting about this study is that it looked at 19 real estate markets including several with brutal winter weather and all of the markets showed the same results: winter is the best time to sell a house.

I can think of several reasons why this might be the case. There aren’t a lot of home shoppers in the winter months. Parents don’t want their kids to have to change schools before summer vacation and winter weather naturally plays a role in keeping folks out of the housing market. Then there are the homebuyers that understand that they’ll have more homes to choose from if they wait until spring.

So, just as sometimes we have low inventories of homes for sale, winter brings a low inventory of buyers. One thing I’ve learned, however, is that folks who are buying a home in winter usually have a compelling reason to do so, from job transfers to divorce. These are serious buyers and usually willing to pay top dollar for the home they choose.

If you are going to be listing your home this winter I have one suggestion for you: let’s take the listing and marketing photos of it now, while everything is still green and the sky is blue.

It’s very hard for a homebuyer to envision your landscaping when it’s nothing but a white sheet of snow. You can point out where the perennials are planted but it takes a great imagination to be able to envision them.

We can save the interior photos for later and, since I happen to think winter landscapes are attractive, we’ll include winter photos as well.

The time to get these photos done is right now so give me a call and we’ll make arrangements for our photographer to come out and meet with you.

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