Selling your Home this Winter? We need to Start NOW!

I think I told you last year about the study I read that debunks the myth that winter is an awful time to sell a home, but in case you missed it, I’ll give you the highlights.

They found that homes listed in winter have a 9 percent better chance of selling and spend a week less on the market than homes sold in other seasons ? including what most in the business tout as the “spring selling season.”

The statistics held true in all the markets they studied, including several with cold, snowy winters. I’m not real sure of the reason for this but I have a hunch. I think that perhaps winter is the one season where the volume of buyers and sellers is more in balance. Therefore, though there aren’t as many homes for sale in winter, there aren’t as many buyers as well, so it all evens out to give us the ideal season for both types of real estate consumers.

We Need to Start Now, though

It’s hard to imagine that in just a few months we’ll be adding extra layers of clothes, scraping our windshields and shoveling the white stuff, but it’s true.

The one problem with selling in the winter, at least for the buyer, is that they have a tough time envisioning what the landscaping will look like when the snow melts. We can remedy this by taking the exterior photos now, while the sky is blue and the grass is green. We call these “green photos” and it’s a service we offer our clients every year at this time.

So, for the next two weeks our professional photographers will be roaming the Twin Cities, taking exterior photos of our listings that will hit the market in winter and early spring. Sure, we’ll include some winter wonderland photos in the marketing materials as well, but just think how your home will stand out as a buyer scrolls through listings online!

 If you think you will be selling, contact us to get your home on the list. We’ll take the interior photos later, so this pre-listing photography is easy and convenient and we won’t need access to the home’s interior.

There’s no obligation and never any charge for this service.

Fill out your information below and we'll get you on the list.  Space is limited.   

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