Best Ways to Simplify a Long-Distance Move

Good Planning Eases the Stress of a Long-Distance MoveAnoka home buyers may not love the process of moving, but they can offer reliable tips for others who face a long-distance move with no prior experience. It's possible to alleviate the stress of moving through advance planning, proper timing and strict attention to detail.

Anatomy of a Move

Areas of primary concern typically center around housing. The need to list and sell a home, find a new place to live, and handle the logistics of moving can be overwhelming without a detailed plan and some professional advice. This is where it pays to rely on the checklists and timelines developed by real estate professionals and moving companies. Set a target date to become a working "deadline." Then fill in a detailed calendar with specific needs and tasks all centered around that date. Without a firm date, your planned cross country move will be chaotic, whether you have three months or three weeks.

Long Distance Moving Logistics

As soon as you receive notice about a pending transfer, take some immediate steps to simplify your life. As counterintuitive as it might seem, it's really never too soon to start packing. Box up out-of-season clothing, clean out the garage, hold a yard sale and donate items you no longer use to a local shelter or resale store.

Develop a Logical Checklist

Again, the specifics will vary from one family to another, but consider the following:

  • Schedule family medical appointments, dental visits and veterinary exams. Ask for referrals to specialists in your new location.
  • Gather all Information in one place. Keep a notebook, or handle your duties digitally, but document everything you do and each decision you make.
  • Make use of a detailed timeline. Write notes on a wall calendar or use an app on your smart phone—whatever works best for you.
  • Assemble school records and arrange for forwarding of business and personal documents. Plan for backup, storage and transfer of vital records, as necessary.
  • Get organized and have a plan. Download a checklist or timeline offered by your moving company. Simply check things off until you cross off the last item on the list.
  • Keep business contacts and friend lists close at hand. Never hesitate to ask for help.
  • Check early about requirements, for such needs as utility meter readings, cable and internet service, trash pickup and other basic household realities, and about required deposits for establishing new service at your destination.
  • Take a look at this checklist when moving to another state.

Build in Some Fun

You know what they say about "all work and no play." Schedule time for lunch with friends, play dates for the kids, and dinner at a neighbor's home. Go to a movie or plan a family outing at the zoo. Build some memories to make you smile once you arrive in your new city.

Accept Offers of Help

Never say no to someone who offers to help you pack, take your kids to the park, board your pets on moving day, or bring you coffee and croissants. Pass on those small kindnesses to someone else in the future.

The End of the Road

Your checklist should extend into the first week or two in a new location. Include even those seemingly unimportant items like finding a new pharmacy, getting a new library card, and locating a convenient doughnut shop.

Once you arrive at your destination, try to settle into a routine, but make time to write notes or call old friends to give them your new address and phone number. By all means, get to know new neighbors, but keep in touch with old friends. It makes moving easier!

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