Taking the Pooch for a Romp – Minnesota Dog Parks

Doggie GamesWhat a beautiful day today! Tomorrow is supposed to be pretty nice as well. Winter is just a weird memory at this point.

You know those lazy weekends when you have nothing in particular you have to do? How about sharing the day with your pooch? I have so many clients that swear their dogs are a part of their families and actively look for stuff to do with them.

So, since the weather is so close to perfect lately, I thought I’d let you know about some of the various dog parks in the area so you, and your best friend, can get outside and enjoy the sunshine.

Coon Rapids Dog Parks

There’s a newish dog park in Coon Rapids, at Bunker Hills Regional Park. It’s not quite as large as the others on the list, but if you have a small yard and your dog needs the exercise, it’s worth it to visit.

The fenced-in area is grassy and the city is still adding amenities for the humans. So far, residents seem to like it.

Fridley Dog Parks

The place for you and the canine to see and be seen in Fridley is Locke Park. They have a really nice off-leash area with shade, picnic tables and restroom facilities for the humans.

Bring a leash, though, because the trails here are really nice. You can walk down to Rice Creek where you and the pooch can take a dip. With temperatures in the 80s, why not?

Maplewood Dog Parks

Battle Creek Regional Dog Park is loaded with trails so if you and the pooch like to hike, this might be the place for you. The dog park itself comprises 25 acres – it’s huge and fenced in, believe it or not – and the trails are wood-chipped.

Take a towel or two with you if your dog likes water features because he’ll no doubt be jumping in the swampy areas.

From I-94, exit on McKnight Road. Take McKnight Road south, to the entrance of Battle Creek Regional Park. Take a left and then a right into the dog park parking lot.  

Another good looking day is on the way tomorrow although thundershowers are in the forecast for this weekend. If you don’t go to the dog park, let’s go look at houses!

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