Tech Gadgets for the Home

Tech Gadgets for the HomeA couple of years ago I was interviewed by and they called my real estate practice a “technology powerhouse.” I love tech, as most everyone that knows me can attest. Technology is the cornerstone of my business and the reason I’m able to sell so many homes. Well, that and my amazingly charming personality.

But I digress.

Last week I came across an article about tech gadgets for the home and decided I had to share it with you. There’s some pretty cool stuff coming down the pike.

Like the Food Sniffer

Let’s face it; most of us lead really busy lives. How many times have you thrown leftovers away simply because you can’t remember when you put them in the refrigerator? Or, worse, have you ever eaten those leftovers anyway only to end up spending the entire night in the bathroom?

The Peres Company has a solution and it’s called the Food Sniffer. Described as an “electronic nose,” it sniffs out ammonia and other stuff released by foods that decompose, such as meat and fish. It then sends the data to your smartphone.

Small enough to fit in your pocket, the Food Sniffer device and the app (available for both Android and iOS devices) should be available at the end of the year and retail for around $150.

Smart Mat

This is one for the old guy in the neighborhood. You know the one – the “You kids get off my lawn!” guy.

Sensing Tex, the company that designed Smart Mat, says it’s for “counting and tracking people.” Smart Mat is cleverly designed to look like an ordinary door mat, but it has sensors embedded in it.

The mat not only detects the presence of a person but the direction he or she is moving  -- in real time. It then sends the information, via Bluetooth, to your windows-based PC.

Why do you need this? You probably don’t, but it’s pretty cool technology.


Forget fumbling with a bulky key ring. Kevo, from Kwikset, turns your smartphone into a smart door lock. Download the special app, make sure Bluetooth is on and then all you’ll need to do to gain entry to your Minnesota home is touch the door’s lock.

If you’re one of those people whose phone always seems to be in need of a charge, have no fear. The company supplies a back-up key fob with the lock.

Although Kwikset has plans to support all mobile devices, right now Kevo is only compatible with Apple iPhone 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, the fifth generation iPod touch, third generation or higher iPad and iPad mini. 

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