The Best Breweries in Minneapolis, MN

The Best Breweries in Minneapolis, MN

Best Places for Craft Beer in MinneapolisBeer lovers in Minneapolis want more than just an ice cold can of beer while watching the Twins play a game. They want an artfully crafted brew, one that offers insight into the hops and natural flavors that were used to create it. Those who are searching for the perfect beer in Minneapolis will find no shortage of places to try.

These are a few of the best breweries in Minneapolis:

Surly Brewing Company

Surly Brewing Company is a well-known brewery in Minneapolis that not only offers a city brewing location, but its beers are served in bars and restaurants throughout Minnesota. Visitors who want to stop by the destination brewery on Malcolm Avenue will find a massive beer hall with more than 25 rotating beers on tap. During the summer season, there's also an outdoor beer garden where people can grab a brew and relax in the beauty of a Minnesota evening. In addition to offering a place to have one of their fantastic beers, the Surly Brewing Company also offers tours of their brewhouse, fermentation cellar and packaging hall. Of course, the tour ends with a tasting of a selection of the company's beers.

Fair State Brewing Cooperative

The Fair State Brewing Cooperative offers a unique twist on the traditional brewery in Minneapolis. This cooperative is comprised of members who are part-owners of the brewing company, which is dedicated to improving the surrounding community and connecting with others who love beers. The brewery offers a selection of canned beers and draft beers, ranging from its notorious sour beer to its award-winning IPAs. The tap room includes an outdoor beer garden, complete with hops growing along the perimeters. One of the things that members love about this place is that there is a new beer release nearly every week, so there's always something different to try.

Pryes Brewing Company

A relative newcomer to the Minneapolis beer scene, Pryes Brewing Company has already made its mark as one of the best places to grab a flavorful pint in the city. Some of its most notorious brews include its signature craft the Miraculum, which is described as a Midwest IPA, and the collection of small batch brews that are available on a rotating basis. Visitors the the Pryes tap room will find a massive 6,000-square-foot facility that offers pristine views of the Mississippi River. Its patio area is one of the most popular places to relax and unwind during the summer months, and food is available for those who want to enjoy a meal as well.

Bauhaus Brew Labs

This brewery is so much more than just a place to drink craft beer. Described as a collection of brewmasters, scientists, musicians and artists, the brightly-colored Bauhaus Brew Labs offers a unique space to hang out with old friends and to meet new ones. The beer here is famously unique, with German-inspired concoctions available on a daily basis. There's the timeless classics that are always on top, such as the German-style schwarzbier Stargazer, as well as seasonal specialties and non-alcoholic beverages. Visitors who show up looking for a refreshing beer will also often find a food truck or two waiting to offer them a delectable and interesting meal to go along with it.

Local residents and visitors alike love visiting the various breweries in Minneapolis and trying the latest concoctions that the brewmasters have developed. For more information on the best places to eat and drink in Minneapolis, contact us today.

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