The Best Flea Markets in Minneapolis, MN

The Best Flea Markets in Minneapolis, MN

5 Must-Visit Minneapolis, MN Flea MarketsWhen a Minneapolis resident heads out for a day of shopping at the local flea markets, they never know what they are going to find. The key to uncovering the hidden treasures in the city is shopping at the best flea markets in Minneapolis.

Those who want to get a great bargain on hard-to-find items should start their search at one of these top Minneapolis flea markets:

Haupt Antiek Market

The Haupt Antiek Market is a favorite flea market among Minneapolis locals, as it is just a short drive away from the city in Apple Valley. This market is only open four days each month, which means that vendors stock up on their best items to display during this limited time period. The market specializes in vintage products, so those who are looking for pieces with rustic charm or an item from days gone by should begin their search here. There is a monthly theme for each market, so people can search for specific types of products.

International Bazaar

The International Bazaar is an annual flea market that the people of Minneapolis look forward to visiting throughout the entire year. This market is located on the Minnesota State Fair Grounds, and is open daily during the fair. With an international theme, shoppers can uncover unique items from around the globe. It is also a great place to grab a quick meal during the fair, or take a break to listen to bands play cultural music.

Hamel Lions Flea Market

The Hamel Lions Flea Market is a seasonal flea market that takes place every Sunday from May through September in Hamel. This market has earned a reputation for having high-quality vendors who frequently feature hard-to-find items and interesting discoveries available for purchase. It is popular among collectors, who know that they can find valuable items at the various booths at this market. In addition to having antiques and collectibles, this market also features handmade crafts and fresh produce.


JUNKMARKET is a flea market in the Minneapolis region that takes a unique approach to market events. Rather than hosting weekly or monthly flea markets, this market launches seasonal events throughout the year. It has become famous not only in Minneapolis, but also across the country, as it has been recognized for its quality products. The events have become so popular, that there's often a crowd waiting to get in on the opening day. Minneapolis residents and visitors who are interested in attending a JUNKMARKET event should check the market's website for information about upcoming sales.

Anoka Fling Flea Market

The Anoka Fling Flea Market is a smaller market in the Minneapolis region, but it's open during the winter months which distinguishes it from many other seasonal markets in the area. At this indoor market, bargain hunters can expect to find collectibles, antiques, homemade arts and crafts items as well as artifacts from eras gone by. It is open on the second Sunday of the month from September through May, and it has a loyal following of shoppers who arrive weekly looking for great deals.

The flea market shopping experience is unlike anything else found in Minneapolis. The goods that are available at these markets range from valuable antiques to unique vintage finds and modern marvels. The eclectic shopping experience means that there's something for everyone at these interesting markets.

For more information on the best places to shop in Minneapolis, contact a qualified local real estate agent today.

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