The Best Theaters in Minneapolis, MN

Where to Find the Best Theaters in Minneapolis, MNThe theater may wane and wax in terms of its popularity, but it's remained an enduring institution in American for a reason. There's something special about leaving the house on a little adventure to discover the art that lives in the city. It's also a great way to find the best local and national talent that happens to pass through Minneapolis MN. Of course, what a person gets from their experience depends on what theater they visit. Here are a few that make the cut in this great city.

The Parkway Theater

This place packs a lot of nostalgia into a single-screen theater. Its decor and aura will instantly transport guests into another era, one where multiplexes and profit margins didn't rule the world. What makes this spot so special is that it shows both movies and live performances to appeal to a variety of audiences. The Parkway recently underwent a remodel and now features comfortable seating, clear sound, and local craft beers in the bar. Theatergoers can also treat themselves to a cocktail or two before the show before taking their drink into the show.

Cyrus Northup Memorial Theater

From traveling ballet companies to the latest comedian sensation, the Cyrus Northup Memorial Theater can accommodate some of the biggest acts that pass through the state. Built around 1929 and dedicated to the veterans of the WWI, this theater also went through a recent renovation. The preserved architecture and excellent acoustics have made it one of the more beloved theaters to see a show. And because it books such a wide variety of acts, chances are that everyone will find something they want to see.

Landmark's Uptown Theater

Landmark's Uptown Theater is known for its eclectic collection of movies. Independent and foreign films don't necessarily get all the fanfare that blockbusters do, but there are plenty of reasons to see something different. These films express a different viewpoint or teach its audience something new about the world. This institution was originally built in 1916 and has managed to sustain the test of time. (The most recent renovation finished up in 2012.) This theater is not only a testament to the movies but also a tribute to the greater city of Minneapolis throughout the century.

Guthrie Theater

Whether theatergoers are looking for a tried-and-true classic or a local hit, the Guthrie has a wide range of plays for everyone to see. Located next to the Mississippi river, this theater has excellent views to enjoy both before and after the show. Patrons can add to their experience by visiting its full-service restaurant or one of the theater's bars for a delicious meal and a nightcap.

Illusion Theater

Practically any performing arts theater will give people a chance to see emerging talent before it hits the national spotlight, but perhaps Illusion Theater will give its audience their best chance to see something truly incredible long before anyone else has even heard of it. Like the other options on this list, the Illusion Theater has been a part of Minneapolis culture for decades and has a long and illustrious history for patrons to explore.

Keeping live performances and independent movies alive is more than just a way to help the local economy, It's a way to encourage more artists to express themselves. It makes it possible for the public to experience great art on their local stages and in their local theaters.

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