Tips for a Successful Home Showing

Tips for a Successful Home Showing

How to Do a Successful Home ShowingSome sellers need guidance when it comes to presenting a home. Homeowners can do much to create a good first impression with prospective buyers. It is often useful to talk with a real estate agent about the general expectations needed to successfully show a home. What do home sellers need to do for a home showing?

There are a number of considerations that are easy to manage, if homeowners are aware of them. Make it easy for an agent to show a home with the following 10 tips.

Make Necessary Repairs

Most homeowners prefer the option of move-in ready homes that need minimal work to suit their needs. Make any repairs that are necessary and replace any aging parts of the home so as to create minimal work for anyone who wishes to purchase the home upon moving in. Having an updated home can improve the speed at which buyers purchase a home, as it creates the assurance that the home was well-tended to, and that there are no hidden neglected areas that they will have to deal with once the transaction is complete.

Making minor repairs is similarly important. Painting scratches and addressing leaky faucets are only some of the minor repairs easily addressed by homeowners showing a home. Remove stains and shampoo carpet prior to showing a home to give the best impression to buyers.

Stage the Home

Staging a home ensures that the seller can present a home in its best light. By minimizing what's in a space, it can be made to appear larger and more open to buyers. Be sure to open blinds and remove heavy drapery so the house is full of natural light, as light opens up a space further. It's also recommended to go through any storage spaces and clear them out to highlight how much space the future homeowner will have. Keep the house organized and tidy, so sellers can be prepared for a showing at the drop of a hat.

Additionally, be sure to put away any personal items. Family photos, toys and knickknacks should be stored away during a home showing. Potential homeowners want to be able to see themselves in the home, and home sellers should aim to create a clean slate for those walking through a home.

Ensure a Clean Environment

Cleaning mess and clutter matters. Any trash or junk should be disposed of prior to showings, and any dirty areas of the home ought to be cleaned. Vacuum the carpet, mop the tile, and wash the windows. Put away dirty dishes, pots, and pans, and ensure nothing is laying around to distract the buyer. It's also important to remember to organize content in the garage or basement. Clients will be doing a walkthrough and will likely look inside all of the rooms of a home. Keep the areas as clean and organized as possible during a home showing.

Sellers are often unaware of the smells that can linger in the home. Cleaning or replacing the carpeting and taking steps to address the cause of a smell makes for more successful showings. An air-neutralizing spray can also reduce odors associated with cooking, smoke or pets, as can paints specifically designed to cover up odors that have seeped into the walls. Remove garbage and open the windows, weather permitting.

Don't Stick Around

Lastly, it's important for sellers to make themselves scarce during a showing. Even in a great community like Eden Prarie, buyers like to feel like they aren't watched or rushed by owners. Most real estate agents and prospective buyers feel more comfortable during a home showing when the homeowner is not in a home at the time. Homeowners who want buyers to feel at ease should do their best to go to a café or the home of a friend or family member before potential buyers arrive.

Sell a home quickly and with as few issues as possible when taking care of small concerns that can turn off potential buyers. Speak with a real estate agent to discuss additional tips to showing a home in your area.

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