To Sell your Home FAST and for the Most Money, List on Friday

If you’re considering selling your Minnesota home, we’ll need to get it on the market on a Friday. Really.

Recently, the Wall Street Journal released the results of a study that showed the day of the week you list your home does matter. According to the study’s results, the best day of the week to list is Friday, which comes as no surprise. Heading into the weekend, potential buyers will hopefully be out in droves to view what’s new on the market.

Apparently, the day is so successful for homeowners hoping to sell their homes, that if you listed your home on Friday it would sell for 99.1 percent of the original list price – higher than any other day of the week. If your home went on the market on a Sunday, the worst day of the week to list a home, you would have realized only 98.4 percent of the initial list price. 

People must be in a hurry on Fridays as well, because homes listed then sold faster than homes listed on other days. The average number of days a Friday-listed home remained on the market was 81 days.

The Journal’s Sanette Tanaka crunched the numbers and finds that if your home was listed at $500,000, and you listed it on Sunday instead of Friday, you’d leave $5,000 on the table.

Coming in right behind Friday, however, is Tuesday – a head scratcher for sure. Why Tuesday?

According to the report, Tuesday-listed homes are the most attractive for home tours, getting almost 2.5 requests for a tour, on average, on that day. For the reason why, Tanaka turned to a Harvard professor of business administration. She claims that our productivity hits its high point on Tuesday and it’s when a lot of us nail down our weekend plans.

Remember, all real estate is local and this was a nationwide study, so our mileage may vary. An agent in New York, for instance, says his Wednesday- and Thursday-listed properties sell quicker and for more money because, apparently, New Yorkers wait until Thursday to plan their weekend house hunting.

That’s not to say that if you decide on a Thursday that you want to list your home, we shouldn’t wait until Friday to put the listing in the MLS. It might be a tactic to try, especially if you need to sell your home quickly.


#1 By LRE at 8/6/2023 10:40 PM

Some awesome information. I don't think Tuesday coming next is a big surprise. Most people coming to office on Monday plan their weekly work, schedule meeting, touch up on the last weeks work etc. So Monday is pretty much work focuses. Which obviously makes Tuesday the prime candidate to hunt for real estate. In fact I think this might be a common occurrence for non work related websites.

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