Top 5 Smart Home Features That May Boost Property Value

Top 5 Smart Home Features That May Boost Property Value

Top 5 Smart Features That Will Boost Property Value

Smart technology is expanding exponentially beyond the reach of phones and tablet devices. Today, nearly any device in a home can be automated in some way or linked to the ever-present cloud. Property owners, like those in Anoka, who want to increase their ability to market their home while simultaneously boosting its value should consider investing in the best smart technology upgrades.

Smart Home Locks

Gone are the days when homeowners simply turned a key into a lock to enter their homes. Today, the most technological homes on the market feature smart home locks that use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology to keep properties as secure as possible. One such system is known as the August system, which is called the Smart Lock. It integrates with Apple devices and can be installed over an existing deadbolt, which makes it a viable option for just about any homeowner looking to implement this type of technology.

Smart Security Cameras

In a previous lifetime, security cameras were the type of features that were found on the mega-mansions owned by celebrities and corporate executives. Today, however, more and more home buyers cite security as one of their top priorities in their next home, which makes smart security cameras a worthwhile investment for sellers. Wi-Fi-enabled security cameras allow property owners to watch over their homes from the inside and out, all from the convenience of their preferred mobile device. Options for smart security cameras include the LG Smart Security Wireless Camera, which is ideal for indoor surveillance, and the Nest Cam Outdoor for exterior monitoring.

Smart Lighting

Today's smart lighting technology gives homeowners the opportunity to control all of the lights in their home from their tablet or smart phone, which means that if they forgot to turn off the kitchen lights before they left for work, they can fix that mistake from the office. These light bulbs are a pricey investment, but they offer significant long-term returns when it comes to energy cost savings. Many smart light bulbs do require the use of a home hub, so that is important to consider.

Smart Thermostat

One of the easiest and most effective smart home technology upgrades to implement is the smart thermostat. These tiny-yet-powerful devices can significantly improve the energy efficiency of a home, saving the property owner a lot when it comes to utility bills. One of the best smart thermostats on the market is Ecobee4, which includes additional smart integrations that other similar technology products do not. For instance, the Ecobee4 has a speaker device that allows users to use voice commands to control it.

Smart Window Treatments

Even the blinds in a home can be transformed into a smart device. Property owners will find that smart window treatments can be controlled from a mobile device, increasing both the convenience and security of the home. Some smart treatments, such as the Lutron Serena Remote-Controlled Shades, can be scheduled to open and close at certain times, and can even be controlled by voice commands.

Homeowners who are considering listing their properties on the market and are looking to make worthwhile, valuable upgrades should connect with a professional real estate agent. The right agent can direct homeowners as they select upgrades for their properties so that they can enjoy the greatest returns on their investments. For more information on how smart home technology can improve property values, contact an experienced real estate agent today.

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