Valuable Home Improvements for Sellers: Think Energy Efficiency

Valuable Home Improvements for Sellers: Think Energy Efficiency

Efficient Home Improvements for Smart TechnologyAdding green features to a home is a way to not only save money, but it can also be a boon to your pocketbook when it comes time to sell. Renovating for energy efficiency makes sense on many levels, but it's important to consider the actual cash outlay versus expected financial return.

Spending substantial sums to replace single-pane windows, as an example, might still be advantageous if the owner can take advantage of federal or local tax incentives. Adding insulation is a good deal that will typically generate a higher selling price, and local utilities frequently offer rebates for such work. But the best news is that adding attic door insulation and sealing doors and windows is usually not expensive, and can make a big difference – homeowners can stop drafts and bring in interested buyers when it comes time to sell. These aren't the only inexpensive yet impactful changes that can be made, however.

Considerations and Options

While sellers are often hesitant to spend money on improvements, they can make good financial sense at times. Lowering costs can create a more pleasant environment while you're still in residence as well, so if it also brings a reasonable financial return, why not do it? 

By adding visible improvements that are "bonus items" to the seller, you can demonstrate that you are a savvy seller, that you have given some thought to the home's desirability, and you can give the impression that the home is above par when compared with others on the Edina market

A few of these little perks include:

  • Setback thermostats, available between $25 and $100, depending on the brand and the programming options, are well worth the price.
  • Motion or sound-activated lighting fixtures are great additions for driveway lighting, garage interiors, stairwells and dark hallways.
  • Foam insulation for water lines is a benefit in cold climates, and can lower energy bills as well. Add the foam to supply lines at kitchen and bathroom sinks, in the laundry room if they're on an outside wall, and to all water heater lines. 
  • A water heater blanket makes for more efficient operation, is easy to install, and costs as little as $20-25.
  • Add new weather stripping to doors and windows, and check the sweeps on all exterior doors.

When preparing to list a home for sale, check the built-in appliances and plumbing faucets and fixtures. If any are water-guzzlers or power robbers, consider replacing them if the budget will allow it. Not only will bright new replacements enhance the home's visual appeal, but the instant savings might be substantial. Always replace or repair dripping faucets, not only for aesthetic reasons, but also to prevent serious problems from developing.

If you have questions or doubts about which energy-saving retrofits are most important, think about scheduling an energy audit, or seek more information from reputable resources, both online and in your own community. Your real estate agent will be a great source of knowledge when trying to figure out what buyers are looking for as well.

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