Luxury Patio Ideas For Waterfront Homes: Outdoor Opulence

Outdoor Design for Luxury Waterfront Homes

Whether they're designed for vacation getaways or full-time living, waterfront homes have one attribute that most homes cannot duplicate: the undeniable appeal of water views and access to the waterfront lifestyle. This calls for creating an outdoor "oasis" that visually expands living space and adds a new dimension of enjoyment. Looking to elevate your lakefront property to the next level? Keep reading and learn five ways to turn your lake home into a luxurious respite with a luxury waterfront outdoor living space.

Emphasize the View

A water view is a natural focal point. Lake homes are often built to maximize the water view, and a home's landscaping should also take advantage of that vista, whether it's a rocky promontory, a picturesque scene of boats bobbing in the waves, or a panorama of lake and sky with a clear view of the sunrise or sunset.

Outdoor seating arrangements should lend themselves to taking in those beautiful views. Benches, lawn chairs, a fire pit that provides warmth, a screened pavilion for casual meals, or lawn game areas ready for competition are all wonderful ideas.

When landscaping or building on the property, take care not to obstruct the view. It is, after all, one of the primary reasons people love lakefront properties.

Beautiful Landscaping Is a Must

Enhancing the natural surroundings should also be a priority for owners of water view property. Use native plants that have evolved to thrive under local conditions whenever possible. In addition to "naturalizing" the property's visual appeal, they will require minimal care and maintenance, saving the homeowner time and money. Native plants rarely need fertilizer or pesticides, and they are resistant to indigenous disease and insect infestations. They also may help preserve native habitats for birds and animals in the region, resulting in added opportunities for birdwatching, butterflies in the garden, and other pleasant sights.

Add to the natural landscape those features and elements that fit your lifestyle:

  • Seasonal potted plants add color and a pleasant scent
  • Low walls will blend with the topography and can provide extra seating
  • A screened pavilion or open-air gazebo is funky, attractive, and can be a quiet spot for reading or casual meals
  • How about a croquet set ready to be put to use? Or a lawn bowling court just for the fun of it?

Landscape improvements should balance hardscape and softscape. Use elements that are native to the area and complement the home's architecture. Stone walls and wood decks are natural elements that will blend well with native grasses or colorful blooming plants, depending on the region and seasonal weather patterns. Prioritize the features that add value or utility to the property; include a retaining wall to prevent erosion, if necessary, or create an easy path to the water, whether it's paved or not.

Outdoor Kitchens or Bars Are Great Entertaining Spaces

Outdoor Kitchens Allow For Meals with ViewsLittle can beat al fresco dining with a spectacular water view when the weather is right. An adjacent outdoor kitchen means that you can enjoy a meal with a view with ease. It's actually a luxury outdoor feature that can be surprisingly affordable, depending on the chosen features.

Although freestanding grills have long been a staple for backyard barbecues, today's trends are toward full-service cooking stations that sometimes rival the best indoor kitchens. An outdoor space might include not only a built-in grill and adjacent cooktop but also a smoker or a wood-fired pizza oven. An elaborate outdoor kitchen could include both bar sinks and cleanup sinks with running water, an under-counter refrigerator or beer keg, stainless steel cabinetry for cooking gear and serving pieces, prep counters, and even a bar counter complete with stool seating and a television to keep guests entertained.

An outdoor kitchen can be as simple or as elaborate as you choose. It should, however, have some sort of covering in case of a sudden storm and be close enough to the indoor kitchen to facilitate food preparation and cleanup. Of course, having an outdoor table for sit-down dining is a bonus. Juggling plates and drinks while seated in a lawn chair is not fun!

Invest In a Luxury Firepit

Outdoor living rooms, sometimes complete with fireplaces, heating elements, air conditioning, and TV, are all the rage for luxury homes. Waterfront property can also benefit from installing an outdoor fire element that is a step above a ring of stones suitable for a marshmallow roast on the beach.

The combination of fire and water in landscaping is a classic, and trendy pool designs today often incorporate a fire feature into the design, along with a fountain or waterfall. How much better would it be, then, to include a modern fire pit or freestanding fireplace when you have waterfront property with sweeping views of a lake as your backyard?

The options are almost endless for capitalizing on the beauty and glow of flames dancing across the landscape of a dark sky. With appropriate seating, watching a fire with a backdrop of water can be a mesmerizing experience.

Pull Everything Together with the Right Lighting

The final element of an ideal outdoor living space is the lighting. While safety and ambiance are the primary reasons for installing outdoor lighting, there are other things to consider, including the need to conform to "dark sky" standards in some locales.

The best idea is to consult with a lighting expert who is knowledgeable about modern lighting design, all-weather installations, and local regulations. In general, outdoor lighting should illuminate steps and pathways, highlight attractive landscape features, and provide appropriate lighting for outdoor activities and events, but not distract from the view or become a nuisance to neighbors.

Upgrade Your Lake Home with an Elegant Outdoor Living Space

For a waterfront home, the design of an outdoor living space and its landscaping is as vital a concern as the interior design. Options vary from simple patios to multi-purpose dock structures or boathouses. Landscaping might include grassy lawns with planting beds, or it could be more imaginative, with wooden decks, viewing platforms, open-air pavilions, or sports courts. In whatever way a homeowner chooses to use outdoor space, it should be considered an extension of the home's square footage and designed to be harmonious in style and purpose.

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