What can you do to Save Money on Energy this Winter?

Saving Energy and MoneyThe winter season is almost here and it’s time to start getting the house ready. Heating costs can be outrageous if you’re not careful. From adjusting the water heater to looking for rebates on appliances, here are some tips to save money on energy this winter. Don’t let the cold weather rob your bank account this year.

Fireplace Preparation

If you have a fireplace and don’t really use it, make sure you plug and seal the chimney flue. If you don’t, warm air can flow out of the top of the fireplace, even if you have just a small opening. For those that use their fireplace, keep the flu open until ashes have fully cooled off. On really cold nights, you’ll waste money lighting a fire waiting for embers to completely extinguish.

Water Heater

Water heating is going to be one fourth of your energy costs. You can save money on water heating costs by turning down your water heater. If the maximum setting is at 120 degrees, you’ll not only be safer but you’ll save on water heating costs.

Turn down the thermostat

You can actually save money just by simply turning down the heat 10-15 degrees during the 8 hours you’re at work each day. Turn it down before work or you can use this trick at night and turn it down before bed.

Some people opt for a programmable thermostat to do this automatically. If you keep the home at 68 degrees during the winter, which is cooler than most people keep their homes in the winter, you’ll keep your energy costs way down.


Lastly, people using Xcel Energy in Minnesota or Wisconsin can take advantage of rebates on Energy Star appliances, water heater improvements and heating or cooling systems. Usually you spend more when you purchase and install the products so by cashing in your rebates, you’ll get some money back.

Keep your home comfortable enough to live in but take these precautions to save a few dollars here and there this winter. It’ll all add up at the end of the season.

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