What does the Venetian Indoor Water Park offer?

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The Venetian Indoor Water Park in Maple Grove is the place to go when you want to transport to Italy for a day. Located in the Holiday Inn & Suites at Arbor Lakes Maple Grove, the Venetian Indoor Water Park will make you feel like you just stepped foot in Italy.

Whether you want to stay at the hotel and enjoy the water park or just visit for the day with your family, the Venetian Indoor Water Park is the perfect place to have fun. It’s great for parties, events and birthdays. Here is a look at what you’ll experience at the Venetian Indoor Water Park.

About the Water Park

This Minnesota Waterpark is the perfect getaway for a family looking to have a weekend of fun. It’s at the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites in Maple Grove, MN, which means you have the perfect place to stay overnight if you aren’t ready to return home at the end of the day. After a day of swimming, enjoy attractions near to Arbor Lakes including the entertainment district of Maple Grove and premier shopping.

What to expect

The Water Park is 25,000 square feet in size and all indoor. You’ll be whisked away to the Mediterranean in this weatherproof retreat. You can visit all year without worrying about the outdoor weather conditions. This is also the perfect place for parents because you can bring kids of all ages.

There are two four-story waterslides, basketball hoops, an arcade and a kiddie pool called the Bambini Piscina for toddlers and young children.


Adults will love the 20 person spa available at the Water Park as well. You’ll feel like you’ve entered the streets of Venice with stars above to help you relax and amenities like food, alcoholic drinks and TV’s in the dining area.

If you need a place to host a birthday party for your little one, call the Venetian for their birthday packages. They offer a party package with swim time, food, drinks and game tokens. You’ll get a room discount, birthday cake and more with their upgraded packages.

The Venetian Indoor Water Park is located at 11801 Fountains Way North in Maple Grove at the Holiday Inn & Suites. Check it out to be whisked away to Venice with images of the streets of Italy on the walls, fountains and twinkling lights.

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