What is a Guaranteed Cash Offer? An Introduction to Selling Your Home Fast

What is a Guaranteed Cash Offer When Selling a Home

The process of selling your home can be intimidating, especially for first-time sellers. But in today’s real estate landscape, sellers have more options available to them than ever before when it comes to effectively and efficiently selling their home. Among them is the Guaranteed Cash Offer program, which is centered on convenience rather than commissions. In short, a Guaranteed Cash Offer enables sellers to trade red tape, risk, volatility, hassle, and exposure for speed, certainty, stability, simplicity, and discretion. The process is quick and easy, you can close fast, get your cash, and then move on your own schedule and timelime. And contrary to popular belief, opting for a Guaranteed Cash Offer doesn’t always mean selling for significantly less either. But before we dive deeper into the program’s specifics, let’s first explore how and when the Guaranteed Cash Offer started. 

A Guaranteed Cash Offer is like trading in your old car when you buy a new one: You’re not expected to wash it or get it detailed. The Buyer takes it “as is.” 

The Beginning: When Did The Guaranteed Cash Offer Program Start? 

While we’ve been a trusted local presence in Minnesota real estate since 2009, our Guaranteed Cash Offer program officially launched in 2017. Since then it’s steadily grown in popularity, and it’s not uncommon for us to receive hundreds of requests and inquiries in a single month. But how did we get here? Well, unlike imitators and other similar companies that claim to offer the same service, what sets us apart is that we are the original Guaranteed Cash Offer program and our experience matters. Not only are our companies constantly buying properties through the program but we also do what we say we’re going to do during the transaction process, ensurng sellers like you truly enjoy a fast, efficient, and commission-free home selling experience.

Why Avoid the “Open Market” When Selling Your Home? 

When we say selling your home on the “open market,” we mean selling it the traditional way: hiring a real estate agent, putting a sign in the yard, hosting open houses, paying commissions—all of it.  While choosing to sell a home this way might work for some sellers, the truth is that putting your home on the open market also exposes you and your home to potential risk, uncertainty, and volatility. Current market conditions, the economic climate, interest rates, inflation, cost of living, and countless other factors dramatically affect the success you may or may not have when listing your home on the open market. Further, prospective buyers regularly try to negotiate the price down and ask sellers to absorb closing costs; and of course there are also the added expenses of getting your home ready to list on the open market, which can include everything from deep cleaning and painting to landscaping, repairs, and more. 

Information about Guaranteed Cash Offer

Should You Test The Market After Receiving a Guaranteed Cash Offer?

The short answer is 'no.' But here's why: if you choose to list your home on the open market and your house doesn't sell, you've effectively given us another data point to ultimately offer you less the second time around. What prospective sellers have to realize is that a Guaranteed Cash Offer has an expiration date. Much like the stock market, the housing market changes every single day. As part of our process, we're using up-to-the-minute data and information to offer a fair deal for all parties involved, and what that looks like can change in an instant. 

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How Will I Know If a Guaranteed Cash Offer is Right For Me? 

Believe it or not, this is one of the easier questions for us to answer. If your home is already in perfect condition and ready to list, the Guaranteed Cash Offer program might not be your best option. If you have the money and motivation to invest in your home and make modern updates and repairs, or if you have a longer timeline and aren’t in the middle of major life changes, betting on the open market isn’t always the worst idea. Our goal when working with any home seller is to provide them with as much information as possible so they can make the best possible decision for their unique situation, regardless of whether that is selling your home the traditional way with a real estate agent or opting to accept a fair and Guaranteed Cash Offer. 

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