What is the Red Stag Supperclub All About?


The Red Stag Supperclub is located in Wisconsin just across from the downtown area. It was opened in 2007 and has a beautiful view of the river. The feel of the club is old school charm and a contemporary restaurant atmosphere. It has brunch, lunch, dinner and late night meals. The club supports local organic farming with their menu.

What is the Club Known For?

The club is known for its events and one of the bigger ones is the Red Stag Block Party. It is a get together of eight breweries in Minnesota that get together to create collaborated brews. The result is four new amazing beers that debut at the party and then you can choose the best!

Events like this are always happening so there is always something going on at the Red Stag. They are a LEED partnered organization meaning the save energy and work on being a waste free restaurant bettering the environment.

If you want to make reservations you can just call, they are open all week and til 2 am Monday through Friday. There's a new special every Sunday night from five to ten. It could be their delicious smothered chicken or the slow braised short ribs.

On Tuesdays you can enjoy a cheap date night. This means for thirty two dollars you can get two entrees, a bottle of wine, and dessert. Coupled with the amazing atmosphere you can't beat an evening out with your special someone. If you wear a helmet and bike to the Red Stag they appreciate you being safe and will reward you with two dollar tall boys.

An Experience You Really Don’t Want to Miss

This is truly an experience to be had, when you’re in Wisconsin, make sure to check out the Red Stag Supperclub

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