What will you Discover on the Grand Rounds National Scenic Byway?

Grand Rounds - Image Credit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Grand_rounds.jpg

The Grand Rounds National Scenic Byway includes seven different smaller byways. Each provides plenty of unique beauty throughout the Minneapolis area. Here's a look at what you will find throughout these seven byways.

Downtown Riverfront

Find the history of Minneapolis throughout this byway with attractions, such as:

There are plenty of natural attractions and historic landmarks found throughout this byway.

Mississippi River

You can discover all types of beautiful nature throughout the Mississippi River Byway District. Check out the changing leaves in the fall or enjoy searching for the Winchell Trail.


A blend of nature, history and recreation are all found throughout the Minnehaha Byway District. This byway includes plenty of spring flowers, the Hiawatha Golf Course, the Steven's House and more.

Chain of Lakes

A very popular byway, the Chain of Lakes Byway District includes plenty of water. With Lake Calhoun, Brownie Lake, Cedar Lake, Lake of the Isles and others found here, you can enjoy canoeing and other lake activities.

Theodore Wirth

With the largest regional park in Minneapolis found in the Theodore Wirth Byway District, there's plenty of nature to see. You can play golf, enjoy cross country skiing, picnic, view wildlife and more.

Victory Memorial

The historic rows of trees are found here and there is plenty of world history throughout. Victory Memorial Parkway provides the main portion of this byway, along with Webber Parkway.


The Northeast Byway District includes two beautiful golf courses, views of the downtown skyline from Deming Heights and so much more. This is where barges, trucks and trains deliver raw materials to the city.

These seven smaller byways are all a part of the more than 50-mile Grand Rounds National Scenic Byway. Discover all seven sections and enjoy plenty of history, nature and recreation.

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