What Will You Find within the Minneapolis Skyway System?

Minneapolis Skyway System - Image Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/slippyd/6426582501Downtown Minneapolis is home to the Minneapolis Skyway System. This system is set up to help connect various buildings over nine city blocks. The first skyway opened in 1962 and after that, there were eight skyways ten years later.

This interlinked collection of bridges is a great way to keep people indoors during harsh weather and to better connect businesses to one another. They are all enclosed and climate-controlled for year round used. Here is what you will find within the skyway system of Minneapolis.

The Skyways

Since the skyways are owned by individual buildings in the city, they don’t have set opening and closing times. They were set up thanks to the idea from Houston, Texas’ system underground system and Canadian city’s Toronto, Montreal and Calgary’s skyway systems. These areas see harsh weather which made it appealing to start connecting buildings together through bridges and underground systems.

Most of Minneapolis’ pedestrian footbridges are connected on the second and third floors of hotels, corporate offices, banks, offices restaurants, retail stores and government offices. They’ve even started connecting some apartment complexes with skyways as well.

Residents can live, work and play downtown more easily with the skyway system. They are working to even connect the Vikings Stadium to office builds and apartment complexes in Downtown East soon.

Notable Skyway Buildings Connected

Some of the notable buildings that have been connected include:

  • AT&T Tower
  • Foshay Tower
  • Target Center
  • University of St. Thomas
  • U.S. Bank Plaza
  • Minneapolis Convention Center
  • Hennepin County Government Center

The AT&T Tower is a tall skyscraper located at the corner of Marquette Avenue and 9th Street South. Along with holding tenants like Field Nation, the headquarters of FICO and Nuveen Investments, the AT&T Tower is connected by skyway to the TCF Tower and International Center.

The US Bank Plaza is another building connected by skyway. This two-tour high skyscraper was completed in 1981 and has a skyway bridge connecting it to the Capella Tower, Canadian Pacific Plaza, Hennepin County Government Center and McKnight Building.

The Minneapolis Skyway System is a great design to keep downtown Minneapolis connected all year long.

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