Where are the Best Sledding Hills Throughout Minneapolis-St. Paul?


Are you ready to play in the snow around Minneapolis-St. Paul? Check out the hills around the city for some excellent winter recreation. There are two spots that are the best for sledding in Minneapolis and St. Paul has around 14. It’s surprising to find great hills since most of the terrain is flat. Here is where you should go if you’re looking for great sledding hills in the city.

St. Paul Parks

The best park in St. Paul for sledding is Battle Creek due to the steep hill that stays lit up until 9pm. You can also try:

  • Baker Recreation Center for their steep hill
  • Arlington Arkwright Park for their medium hill
  • Griggs Recreation Center for a gentle hill option
  • Hillcrest Recreation Center for their steep hill
  • Highland Park for medium hill
  • McDonough Recreation Center for their medium hill
  • Orchard Recreation Center for a gentle hill
  • Prosperity Recreation Center for their gentle hill
  • Margaret Recreational Area for their gentle hill

Minneapolis Parks

Minneapolis’ best parks for sledding are the two designated areas of Columbia Golf Course and Theodore Wirth Park. The Columbia Golf Course is located in northeast Minneapolis and is one of the steepest hills. Bring your own sled to Columbia or rent a snow tube for $5. The clubhouse offers refreshments.

You’ll love Theodore Wirth Park because of the sledding hill with a tow rope to get up the hill easy. It’s located west of downtown Minneapolis. To go snow tubing or sledding its $5 for all ages and they are open all week except Mondays and Tuesdays.

You can also try other parks in Minneapolis. Matthews Park, Lyndale Farmstead Recreation Center, Fuller Park, Powderhorn Park and Beard’s Plaisance have sledding hills but are slightly hazardous with trees and lakes.

The city wants you to know to sled at your own risk. Have fun and be safe while sledding around Minneapolis and St. Paul’s parks. 

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