Where are the Top Bars for Local Minnesota Beer?


Minnesota is known for having excellent breweries. Local beer is something residents are proud of in this beer state. With so many bars to check out in town, how do you know which ones are best? Here is a look at the top bars in Minnesota offering local beer.

Republic - 221 Cedar Avenue South, Minneapolis

Republic is located at 7 Corners and there is another location in Uptown. They have a beer list full of hoppy beers, darks, lights and even seasonal options. They offer nationwide brews since their tap list is so large, but there are dozens on the menu that originate from Minnesota.

Their best light brew is the Bent Paddle Venture Pilsner from Duluth. Their best seasonal option is the Indeed Sweet Yamma Jamma from Minneapolis. Check out this locally owned pub named in the top 100 beer bars in America by Draft Magazine.

Ngon - 799 University Avenue West, St. Paul

Located along the Green Line in Frogtown, Ngon is known as one of the finest food and drinks options here. It’s actually a Vietnamese restaurant with a full bar. They use local ingredients and serve local beer.

All of the beers are actually local beers so you can try some of the best from around Minnesota here. They have a great deal of variety all year and seasonal options as well. Try Bang from St. Paul, Brau Brothers from Marshall, Summit from St. Paul, Bent from Roseville and Surly from Minneapolis.

Rival House Sporting Parlour - 411 Minnesota Street, St. Paul

This is a newer bar that offers a great collection of brews. They offer many local beers on their list. Try beers from St. Paul’s Flat Earth or Minnetonka’s Lucid. They also serve beer flights from St. Paul or Minneapolis’ collections.

If you’re looking for top bars around Minnesota, check out these bars for your favorite local brews. 

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