Where are the Top Bistros found Throughout Minnesota?


Minnesota has some amazing bistros around town. Bistro’s are basically small restaurants that serve casual-priced dishes. They are popular worldwide and the word itself comes from France. People love bistros for their great prices and excellent products.

You’ll typically see them in the basements of an apartment building in Paris and similar cheaper locations. While they’ve become the norm in France, they are becoming the norm in Minnesota as well. Here are the best bistros around Minnesota to enjoy.

Finnish Bistro – 2264 Como Avenue, St. Paul

When you combine the bistro theme with the Minnesota Scandinavian heritage, you get Finnish Bistro. It’s located in St. Paul and offers a cozy and comfortable atmosphere to enjoy hot and cold plates. You can also enjoy a glass of wine, beer, or baked goods and coffee.

You’ll love the bohemian charm, great prices on dishes and a huge selection. Sometimes they even feature musicians playing outside while you dine.

Broadway Bistro – 613 Broadway Street, Alexandria

If you’re looking for something small but trendy, Broadway Bistro is the place to go. It’s located in Alexandria and offers hearty dishes like Wild Acres Duck with wild rice or chef’s cut beef. Try the pumpkin and a sage reduction with one of their many beers on tap and in bottles. Grab a glass of wine with dinner as well. This is a place to go outside of the Twin Cities.

Ngon Vietnamese Bistro – 799 University Avenue West, St. Paul

Ngon Vietnamese Bistro is the perfect option for those looking for non-traditional dishes at a great price. This Vietnamese restaurant uses local ingredients to make delicious plates for lunch and dinner. Check out this quaint restaurant on the Green Line in Frogtown for a delicious meal and local craft beers.

These are a few of the many great bistros found around the state. 

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