Where Are the Top Historic Sites Found Throughout Minnesota?

James J. Hill House - Image Credit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:James_J._Hill_House_2013.jpg

Minnesota is known for its famous authors and business professionals. It’s also known for cultural sites that have continued to help the economy. With a wealth of historical sites, it makes spending a day out and about. Here are some of the many landmarks and historical sites to consider visiting.

James J. Hill House

This mansion is located in St. Paul and in 1891 was deemed as the most expensive and largest home in the area. This mansion played a role in the transformation of commercial expansion and also development.

It’s 36,000 square feet in size, has 5 floors and include heating, electric lighting, and plumbing. The 100 foot reception hall, art gallery and mahogany woodwork found through the home makes this a piece of art that can be enjoyed.

Mill City Museum

Minneapolis has been referred to as the Flour Milling Capital since the 1880s. The Mill City Museum was rebuilt in 1880 due to a flour dust explosion and fire. This mill is responsible for population growth and when it was being rebuilt, it was the biggest mill in the world.

The mill in fact grinds enough flour to make 12 million loaves of bread every day. In 1991, the mill was almost destroyed due to a fire. Today, you can tour the Mill City Museum for a small admission fee.

Mahoning Mine

This mine is considered the Grand Canyon of the North and its man-made. It’s about 2 miles wide and 535 feet deep. There has been about 1.4 billion tons of earth moved from this mine since 1895 and there was once 800 million tons of iron shipped from this mine.

While it’s a drive from the metro area, it’s worth it if you take a tour of the mine. There are occasional dynamite blasts that you may be able to see, as well.

Spending some time exploring all that Minnesota has to offer can be a great way to spend time with friends or families. Make it a date day by exploring different historic sites throughout the area.

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