Where are the Top Minnesota Art Exhibits and Museums for Kids Found?

When you want to take the kids to a fun art exhibit in Minnesota, it’s hard to decide where to start. Kids don’t like boring lectures and museums that don’t let you be interactive. They want something hands-on that doesn’t feel like being in school. Minnesota has some great art exhibits for kids that will make the kids have fun while learning.

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

Walker Art Garden
725 Vineland Place
Minneapolis, MN

The Walk Art Center in Minneapolis has a really neat Sculpture Garden open all year long. It’s a free activity meant to be enjoyed by all. This 11-acre garden holds amazing sculptures, such as the “Spoonbridge and Cherry” sculpture. This sculpture is a famous landmark in the city. In the summertime they turn this area into an artist-designed, mini-golf area.

“Rooftop ArtPark”

Minnesota Children’s Museum
10 West 7th Street
St. Paul, MN

The Minnesota Children’s Museum is great to visit all year, but in the summer and early fall are the best times to visit. During May through early fall, they open the rooftop up to visitors to bring their kids.

There is a play sculpture children can climb on and the rooftop is full of beautiful tile mosaics. They will especially love painting with water on rocks, making designs in the sand and making crafts in the small hut. There is even a small garden where children can learn about plants grown outdoors.

Family Day

Minneapolis Institute of Arts
2400 3rd Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN

On the second Sunday of every month you can enjoy Family Day at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. The event is free and includes new events every month involving music and education. Kids can create their own art, go on a treasure hunt throughout the museum and try activities such as yoga.

If you’re looking for a great art exhibit or museum for the kids, these are the top choices throughout Minnesota. They all offer interactive fun and plenty of educational material.

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