Where are the Top Minnesota Historic Landmarks Found?

Charles Lindbergh House - Image Credit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:CharlesLindberghHouse.jpg

Discovering the history found throughout Minnesota can be quite fascinating. Louis and Clark made their way through the area and plenty of other historic things have happened within the state.

One of the best ways to learn the history of the state of Minnesota is to visit the landmarks. Here are some of the top historic landmarks to visit throughout the state.

Split Rock Lighthouse - 3713 Split Rock Lighthouse Road, Two Harbors

Those enjoying a visit to a lighthouse will love this one. It's found on the North Shore and was built back in 1910. The lighthouse was recently restored to the original state and provides an interesting place for visitors. It sits in the Silver Bay, which is known as one of the most amazing coastlines in the entire world.

Northern Pacific Depot - Hinckley Fire Museum - 106 Old Highway 61, Hinckley

Known because of one of the largest wildfires in history, Hinckley saw the fire destroy most of the community in 1894. With over 400 casualties and many injuries, this was one of the most destructive fires of all time. The museum and depot capture this moment in history. The Northern Pacific Depot is an exact replica of the one that was burned up in the fire.

Charles Lindbergh House - 1620 Lindbergh Drive, Little Falls

If you want to discover some of the history behind one of the most famous aviators of all time, this is the landmark for you. Charles Lindberg grew up in Minnesota and is most known for his 1927 flight across the Atlantic Ocean. The Charles Lindberg House is where he grew up and was also the house of his father, who was a progressive politician of the time.

There are many other great historic landmarks found throughout the state. These are just a few of the most popular choices.

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