Where to Find the Best Bars in Minneapolis, MN

6 Top Bars in MinneapolisA good bar can be a gathering place with friends on a Friday night. It can be a way to try a new and inventive cocktail that awakens the palate. It can be a stress reliever after a Monday at the office where nothing goes right. It can even serve to give a person a community when they're feeling a little lonely. Those looking for the best bars in Minneapolis, MN should keep the following options in mind.


When a city dweller is tired of the same-old, same-old, Republic is a great way to break the mold. This bar serves a variety of fare and cocktails that will pair perfectly with everything from a date night to a casual birthday celebration. Some of its menu items include kimchi nachos, soba noodles, and quinoa-mushroom burgers. Its drink list is equally inventive for those on the hunt for new flavors.

Buster's on 28th

Those who love their beer will want to try Buster's on 28th, especially if they're looking for their next favorite brew. Their list of options changes frequently, giving its visitors every reason to make multiple trips a year. The food may be a little more basic at this bar, but there are still plenty of choices to satisfy a wide range of tastes. Vegetarians and carnivores alike will find themselves bonding over the superior (and sometimes odd) selections on tap.

Lawless Distilling Company

Lawless may not be as speakeasy-era as the name describes, but it does share a few elements of those long-gone days. As the name suggests, this would be the spot to go for high-quality spirits that are meant to be savored rather than chugged. This place uses its own custom-made liquors for many of its cocktails, and even makes its own bitters. Patrons can order something from the menu or bring in food of their own.


Some people want a burger with their beer, but others would prefer something a little more cheesy on their plate. Up-Down is basically an upscale Chuck-E-Cheese for adults who want to bring back a little nostalgia in their life. Of course, the food has been upgraded quite a bit from the original arcade pizza of yore. Order a beer and a pie, and play a few games of Connect Four or Skee-Ball. There are plenty of brews on tap to be had while patrons challenge each other for the high score.


Martina has made a name for itself in the details of each of its creations. Everything from the ice to the garnishes is carefully chosen for each respective dish and cocktail. Visitors will get that same level of service when they make an appearance at this trendy spot. Order the grilled beef tongue bruschetta as the perfect accompaniment to the featured cocktail. The menu gives patrons a great way to challenge their taste buds and discover their new favorite dishes.

Bev's Wine Bar

A wine bar is so much more than a place to pretentiously sip and swish some fermented grapes. Bev's Wine Bar truly honors the art of the wine and tries to share all of its wonders with its guests. The wine list may be sparse but that just makes each wine that much more special. Come here for a quiet atmosphere and some good conversation. Those looking for a quality spot for their next occasion can consider renting out the bar for their guests.

There are so many reasons to head to a neighborhood bar, and luckily, Minneapolis, MN has options for everyone. No matter what a person is looking for, they're certain to find the right combination of drinks, food, and fun.

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