Where will you Find the Top Cocktail Happy Hours in Minnesota?


Maybe you enjoy wine and beer, but often prefer a good cocktail. Not all happy hours include the best cocktails, but some do. Here are some of the top cocktail happy hours found throughout Minnesota.

Pazzaluna - 360 St. Peter Street, St. Paul

This Italian restaurant provides an incredible happy hour with all types of discounted pizzas and drinks. They even provide signature cocktails for only $6 during happy hours. You can enjoy great pizza, great drinks and a friendly atmosphere at Pazzaluna.

Camp Bar - 490 Robert Street North, St. Paul

As one of the most colorful spots in downtown St. Paul, Camp Bar provides happy hours twice a day. The first runs from 4pm to 5:30pm and the second from 1am to close. These two happy hours provide $6 wine, beer and rail drinks. Some of the happy hour drinks are simply excellent cocktails.

Tongue In Cheek - 989 Payne Avenue, St. Paul

If you're looking for a great place for super cheap cocktails during happy hour, this is the spot for you. For only $2, you can choose from a variety of great cocktails. They even provide house-infused liquors, such as the jalapeno whiskey.

Marin Restaurant and Bar - 901 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis

Happy Hour at Marin includes the Marin Manhattan and the Marin Martini. They also proved others and they are all at a reduced price. Along with the great cocktails, you can enjoy small plates and a warm atmosphere.

Moscow on the Hill - 371 Selby Avenue, St. Paul

Happy Hour in Russia is what you will experience at Moscow on the Hill. It's a comfortable spot with a happy hour full of Moscow Cocktails. For just $5 you can enjoy one of the many cocktails or take a shot or two. You will even find house-infused vodkas here.

These are the best spots in Minnesota for cocktail happy hours. If you're looking for something more than just beer or wine, choose one of these spots and enjoy a tasty cocktail.

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