Which Books from Minnesota Authors Are a Must-Read?

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If you’re looking for more books to add to your reading list this summer or over your vacation, there are several authors from Minnesota that have some great titles available. Whether you prefer mystery, romance or another genre, there are plenty to choose from. Here are some of the top choices.

The Feast of Love by Charles Baxter

Charles Baxter has become well-known for short stories and has 4 novels that you can indulge in. A Minnesota native himself, Charles has a recent book out titled The Feast of Love and it stands to beg the fundamental question of what love exactly is. This novel is told through the eyes of the characters in the book and includes several subplots around every corner. This book was released in 2007 and stars famous actor Morgan Freeman.

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

This book was originally published back in 1925 and has become referred to as the Great American Novel. It’s a true classic and takes place at the end of WWI and is centered on a man who moves to New York.

He enters the bond business there and befriends wealthy characters and goes to lavish parties and celebrations at the mansion next door referred to as the Gatsby. With a web of love, murder and deception this book should be in every home. This book was created into a film with famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio in 2012.

The Tomcat’s Wife and Other Stories by Carol Bly

Carol Bly is an award-winning author of essays, short stories and nonfiction books. Her finest work features women who deal and face crisis with themselves or with their community.

This is her second short stories collection and she also is native to Minneapolis. This collection features women who are altered by misfortune or are otherwise transformed by revelation. Bly won the Minnesota Women’s Press award before she died in 2000.

These are just some of the many favorite titles you should consider adding to your bookshelves at home. These stories are enticing and can offer mystery on every page. Consider adding them to your must-have titles to read on a rainy day or when you feel like getting lost in time.

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