Which Parks are found in the Three Rivers District?

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Many parks are found throughout the Three Rivers Park District. This area is full of great choices if you want to enjoy time at the park with family or let the kids play at the playground. Here's a look a three of the top parks in the district and a list of the rest.

Hyland Lake Park Reserve - 10145 Bush Lake Road, Bloomington

This park provides a scenic area to enjoy with plenty of prairie landscapes and water throughout. There is a large play area and Hyland Lake Park Reserve is home to the Richardson Nature Center.

In the winter, you can enjoy the Hyland Ski & Snowboard area at the park, as well. The park also offers biking, boating, disc golf, dog trails, fishing, hiking and more.

Carver Park Reserve - 7025 Victoria Drive, Victoria

Another great part near the Twin Cities, Carver Park Reserve provides plenty of great features. It's home to the Grimm Farm Historic Site, the Lowery Nature Center and the King Waterbird Sanctuary. You are likely to see osprey, barrel owls and Trumpeter Swans at the park, along with many other types of wildlife. The park also offers plenty of activities including archery, paddling, camping, fishing, sledding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing and more.

Silverwood Park - 2500 County Road East, St. Anthony

A park with plenty to offer, Silverwood Park is the home for the arts festival outdoor performance series. This series is called Silverwood OnStage and lasts all summer. The park also provides a place for nature-inspired art classes and so much more.

Other parks found throughout the Three Rivers District include:

  • Baker Park Reserve
  • Bryant Lake Regional Park
  • Cedar Lake Farm Regional Park
  • Cleary Lake Regional Park
  • Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park
  • Crow-Hassan Park Reserve
  • Eagle Lake Regional Park
  • Elm Creek Park Reserve
  • Fish Lake Regional Park
  • French Regional Park
  • Gale Woods Farm
  • Kingswood Park
  • Lake Minnetonka Regional Park
  • Lake Rebecca Park Reserve
  • Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve
  • Noerenberg Gardens
  • North Mississippi Regional Park
  • Spring Lake Regional Park

No matter which area of the district you live in, there's a great park nearby.

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